Married At First Sight Australia: shock surgery transformations


While life in lockdown can feel a bit like groundhog day, Married At First Sight Australia has been giving us a welcome shot of excitement – with an army of online fans taking to Twitter to share their views on the explosive drama.

The show charts the first few months of married life for 12 couples as they meet for the very first time on their wedding day, and has made overnight stars of the brides and their spouses.

While the sixth series of the hit reality show is only now airing in the UK, it was actually filmed back in 2018. And three years on, many of the brides appear to have undergone remarkable transformations since the cameras stopped rolling.

And despite some shocking storylines – such as Ines’ flirty advances towards Sam igniting the first “affair” of the series – their cosmetic surgery tweaks have attracted almost as much attention as their dramatic love lives.

Cosmetic surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe tells Closer he’s not surprised so many of the stars have decided to go under the needle and knife, saying, “Often, reality stars will go on to carve out careers on TV or on social media afterwards, and that’s all image-focused – so naturally anything they’re unhappy with, they’ll want to correct.

“The danger is it can get addictive. They fix one thing, and then decide to have something else done and their appearance can change beyond all recognition.”

Here, we dig a little bit deeper into some of the more revealing before-and-afters of the show’s main stars…

Ines Basic

ines basic before after surgery

Ines’ jawline was more angular before ©Channel 4 & Instagram

She regularly describes herself as “hot” on the show – but Ines recently revealed that she’s spent a staggering £25K on cosmetic procedures in the last two years. Former legal assistant Ines, 30, revealed earlier this month that she’d had

lip fillers, Botox and replacement veneers since the series

ended, saying, “When the dentist redid my mouth, it changed the alignment and it was like having a jaw reconstruction too. I also get Botox in my masseter [lower jaw] muscles – that’s why my face looks a lot different now.”

Elizabeth Sobinoff

 Elizabeth Sobinoff before after surgery

Her nose and lips looked different earlier in the show ©Channel 4 & Instagram

Opinionated former store manager Elizabeth has had a jaw-dropping transformation since the show. As well as losing 2st, her face looks dramatically different. Although she has never spoken about having procedures – only confirming that she is pro surgery “if you need to do something to make you feel better about yourself” – Mark believes she’s had a helping hand. He says, “She seems to have had a chin and a nose job, seeing as these features look totally different. In my opinion, she’s also had lip and cheek fillers.”

Jessika Power

jessika power before after surgery

Jessika (left) before her reported fillers, brow-lift and veneers ©Channel 4 & Instagram

Since starring on the show, Jessika has reportedly had £30K worth of cosmetic work, including dental veneers, Botox, cheek fillers, a fat transfer op to enhance her boobs, a brow lift and a “jaw slimming” procedure. But the admin officer-turned influencer, 30, admits she is even planning more. She said in January, “I can’t stop [having surgery] and I think I’m addicted. I haven’t changed how I look because of the public response and trolling, but it has made me more self-conscious. I’m going to get a Brazilian butt lift next.”

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married at first sight tamara before after surgery

Tamara before and after surgery ©Channel 4 / Instagram

Admin worker Tamara and her partner Dan caused a stir when they joined the show part-way through the experiment – but Tamara, 31, has also shocked fans with her appearance overhaul two years on.

She’s admitted to having a nose job, Botox, fillers and a boob job since the series aired, saying last year, “People have surgery for different reasons. I guess [my boob job] was because I had a bit of a booty and I really wanted to balance that out, that’s why I did it. If it makes you feel better about yourself, why not?”

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