Margot Robbie, Jennifer Aniston, and More Use This Facial Toning Device — and It’s on Sale for 20% Off


Snag one while you can.


During my six years of studying, testing, and writing about beauty, I’ve compiled a mental catalog of virtually every product and tool on the market. Surprisingly, though, it was my older sister — 20 years my senior, though her chiseled cheekbones and unmarred complexion leads strangers to believe otherwise — who told me about ZIIP: a facial toning device powered by two forms of electrical current, and lauded by the likes of Margot Robbieand Elizabeth Olsen. Jennifer Aniston is also a ZIIP fan, per the brand, among countless other A-listers who rely on its chiseling, glow-inducing powers.

For years, I’ve sworn by NuFace, a ZIIP-adjacent microcurrent device with a similarly impressive celebrity following. Nevertheless, I’m eager to get my hands on ZIIP, which, in addition to microcurrent, uses nanocurrent — a smaller, lesser-known, form of energy that’s said to deliver longer-lasting results. If you, like I, have yet to snag a ZIIP, consider this a sign: For a limited time, the brand’s top-tier model, the ZIIP GX, is 20 percent off.

ZIIP stimulates collagen and elastin production (hello, youthful plumpness), increases circulation (hi, glow), and tones facial muscles over time for a sculpted, lifted look, per the brand. Celebrity accolades, like this Instagram post from Jennifer Aniston at the 2020 Golden Globes, abound; moreover, its founder, Electric Esthetician Melanie Simon, is behind some of the most famous complexions in Hollywood.


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Magical as it seems, ZIIP is pure science. The device emits microcurrent, in addition to something called nanocurrent — a smaller energy wave that’s able to target facial muscles on an even deeper level, and delivers more dramatic results than microcurrent alone. Similar to a traditional workout, facial muscles respond by “toning up,” in turn, imparting a lifted, toned, and significantly less saggy appearance to the overlying skin. According to the brand, most users report immediate results, particularly from a circulation-boosting, puffiness-reducing standpoint. That said, the real, long-lasting change in muscle tone and collagen occurs over months of consistent use.

The device, which is “FDA cleared for facial stimulation,” according to the brand, is gentler than many microcurrent treatments, too, thanks to the proportion of nanocurrent to microcurrent. The treatments are painless and can be as mindless as you’d like — performed on the couch in your sweats, even. Simply apply the included conductive gel, power up the device, and glide it over your face. You can use the ZIIP for as little as five minutes or up to an hour. For newbies and those who really want to maximize their results, there’s an easy-to-use app with which you can follow along, step by step, and document your results over time. 

To experience the ZIIP GX face-sculpting prowess firsthand, à la its A-lister fans — and on a rare 20 percent off sale, too — use the code NEWYOU20 at checkout. I’d advise doing so in the zippiest manner possible: If its counterpart model, the already sold-out ZIIP OX, is any indication, the ZIIP GX is heading toward a similar status. 

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