Man Gets His FIRST Facial Treatment with Extractions


โš ๏ธCAUTION SATISFYING VIDEO โš ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ Treat yourself to your first intensive facial treatment if you haven’t already! Today, it’s our young model’s turn. He took the plunge and didn’t regret it!

In this video, you’ll find all the steps to an effective and EXTREME skincare treatment. Check out how to remove blemishes from acne-prone skin like his without leaving marks and scars. This treatment has an immediate relaxing effect. The beautician deeply cleanses the pores, and then the mask did an excellent job. It’s magic! The immediate results are spectacular! I don’t know about you, but we’re in the mood for a facial right now.


STEP 01 00:10 Cleanse the skin
STEP 02 00:27 Apply Enzyme Gel
STEP 03 00:52 Hydrafacial dermabrasion
STEP 04 01:22 Extractions
STEP 05 01:43 Antibacterial Gel
STEP 06 01:53 High Frequency
STEP 07 02:27 Apply Mask
STEP 08 02:50 Moisturize

Yeah, this makes me want to apply a mask. How ’bout you?

Beautician : @Estheticskinexpert
Model : Emilien

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