Man arrested for posing as a doctor, injecting patients


Oren Cacholi, manager of PRAIUM Medical Solutions, was arrested following suspicions by Israel Police and the Health Ministry that he posed as a doctor and performed procedures on people despite not being licensed, the Health Ministry announced on Tuesday. He was arrested on charges of forgery and impersonation, among others.

On the day of his arrest, the Health Ministry also determined that Cacholi was in violation of a mandatory coronavirus quarantine directive, as he violated quarantine and was arrested in his clinic.

Cacholi does not have any medical certifications, but is suspected of performing procedures on patients, including aesthetic procedures such as Botox injections, after presenting himself to patients as a diagnostician and specialist in a variety of chronic and acute conditions.

A variety of substances and injectables were found in Cacholi’s clinic, including hyaluronic acid, lidocaine and steroids. Many of the substances found are controlled and can only be held in licensed medical clinics.

The procedures allegedly performed by Cacholi could have potentially caused serious infection, paralysis, facial deformity, allergic reactions, bleeding and scarring, according to the Health Ministry. Those treated by Cacholi can contact the Health Ministry.

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