Malaika Arora swears by this DIY skincare treatment for healthy skin


Bollywood celebrity Malaika Arora looks nothing like her age. The 47-year-old actress is known for her age-defying looks and fit body. And, when it comes to her skincare rituals, Bollywood actress swears by home remedies. Recently, the actress revealed one of her beauty recipes in an interview.

The gorgeous star loves to use kitchen ingredients for her DIY beauty treatments. While we know the actress is big fan of desi face masks, she recently revealed a recipe that is just perfect for summers. “I enjoy using papaya, potato and tomato. I blend them together, add a little cold water to the mix and freeze it in an ice tray. You can rub a cube on your face and let the juices stay on for some time. It’s cooling, closes pores and has all the goodness of the fruits and veggies. Using it as an ice cube is so much more refreshing than making it into a gooey mask,” she shared her recipe in an interview.

Do you know that ice cubes can do wonders to your skin? It helps to improve blood circulation, which helps to give your skin a natural glow. And, not just that it also helps to reduce puffy eyes, by constricting blood vessels. By freezing natural ingredients, , the Malaika way, you can double the benefits. Look for ingredients that suit your skin type, freeze and apply for a refreshing beauty treatment at home!

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