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MAFS Australia’s Jessika Power lifts lid on surgery transformation | Celebrity

MAFS Australia’s Jessika Power lifts lid on surgery transformation | Celebrity


While the sixth series of Married At First Sight Australia has only just come to an end in the UK, it was actually first filmed Down Under three years ago and it’s safe to say that the cast members look a lot different now to how they did back in 2018.

One star who has undergone quite the transformation in the last few years is Jessika Power, who has had a number of cosmetic procedures to alter her appearance.

Jessika recently opened up about exactly what work she’d had done after fans quizzed her about plastic surgery on Instagram.

“So, I get asked this heaps,” she replied when one of her followers asked, “What plastic surgery have you had done?”

Jess continued, “I actually haven’t had plastic surgery done in a sense, I’ve just had cosmetic injections.

“The only plastic surgery I’ve had done is the fat graft. They took some fat from the side of my thighs and injected it into my boobs.”

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Susie Bradley then

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Susie Bradley then

Susie had a rollercoaster of a ride on MAFS. Her husband was trying it on with Jessika, she was supposedly trying it on with Jessika’s husband Mick – you couldn’t write this stuff.

As for her face, Jessika added, “I just have my lips dissolved and re-done, my teeth done and I’ve just had some cheek filler and botox.

“Other than that, I haven’t really had much done to my face cosmetically. Like, under the knife.”

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It seems we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jess on our screens after she revealed she’s landed a huge UK reality TV role amid her newfound international fame.

After teasing plans to move here with her rapper boyfriend Filip Poznanovic after being inundated with offers to work with major UK brands, the controversial Aussie reality star let slip that she’s signed up for a top telly show.

“I have actually been offered to do the show Celebrity Karaoke Club and we should be signing contracts later this week,” Jess revealed to MailOnline.

It’s also claimed that Ex on the Beach bosses are desperate to sign up Jess for the new series, despite her being in a relationship.


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