MAFS 2021: Coco’s $10k plastic surgery transformation


Taking the crown for this season’s most boisterous bride, Married At First Sight’s Coco Stedman has certainly drawn quite a bit of attention to herself, both on-screen and off.

And when fans stalk their favourite bride on social media, they may notice that she looks a little different now than from what she used to.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS Coco on her marriage and ex husband

We were introduced to the brunette bride when she “married” Sam Carraro on the show’s eight season, but Coco hasn’t always looked the way she does now.

The 30-year-old has had quite the transformation, if old photos are anything to go by, and now Daily Mail has revealed that the Pilates studio owner has spent over $10,000 on various cosmetic procedures, including a boob job, Botox and lip filler.

She also reportedly has Botox “touch-ups” in her chin and forehead on the regular as well, and gets lip filler to keep up with her pout.

coco mafs


Over the years, Coco certainly has embraced her glamorous side and regularly takes to her Instagram to share selfies and hot bikini snaps.

However, she’s admitted that she too has felt insecure on social media and compared herself to other women.

“It’s pretty wild, whenever my friends say anything to me about people on Instagram I always pipe up with ‘yeah, but you’re seeing their highlight reel, edited photos, photos during a shred, filters etc etc’,” she wrote on Instagram in January.

coco mafs


“But even yesterday, I caught myself looking at a girl on the ‘gram and thinking ‘wish I could look like that’ but I pulled myself out of it pretty quickly. Your worth is never defined by how pretty you are or how good your body is. It’s your values, how you treat the people around you and your own perception of the world,” she continued.

“I try to do multiple things every day to work towards my goals and I think that’s pulled me away from striving for perfection and thinking I’m not worthy unless I am perfect. Just chip away, inch by inch, mile by mile. Love the process. Strive but don’t diminish your own worth in the mean time.”

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Coco was also part of a conversation about breast sizes with her on-screen husband, who claimed that he split up with his ex because she didn’t have a body he was into. And if that wasn’t enough, he went on to detail that he needs “a girl with boobs”.

She appeared to be rather taken aback by his comments, where she responded: “Wow,” before asking Sam: “Does the fact I’ve got a body like a hotdog matter? I’m quite straight up and down.”

Sam then answered with: “No, well, you’ve got curves in other places.”

Coco was left rather baffled by Sam’s confession, a reaction I think we all felt.

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