Madonna looks younger than her daughter Lourdes


Photoshop is high
Madonna looks younger than her daughter Lourdes

Lourdes Lyon (L.) 2010 with mother Madonna.

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She’s the queen of pop and the queen of Photoshop – singer Madonna is getting younger in her pictures on Instagram. Recently, he is younger than his 25-year-old daughter.

When you look at Madonna’s latest Instagram photos, you may think she’s aging backwards. The singer of ‘Like a Virgin’ looks young every year. In recent posts, he is younger than his 25-year-old daughter Lourdes.

Madonna writes about this Instagram post: “I do my best in the bathroom”. But the photo, which is said to show a 63-year-old woman, is similar to the image of a woman in her 20s. This look is unlikely to be due to the styling skills in the bathroom. Everyone knows Madonna has been switching to cosmetic surgery for years. However, even the best beauty document will not disappoint for at least 40 years. The singer’s photos are flawless. Fans on Instagram consider that Madonna can help not only with fillers and Botox, but also with beauty filters and Photoshop.

Madonna knows the Photoshop formula for eternal youth

Bob Icon is now younger than his own daughter Lourdes Leon. Madonna’s face has no wrinkles, no bumps, no discoloration, it is completely youthful. Like his daughter Lourdes, there are posts like her mother’s profile on her Instagram account; Underwear pictures, obscene poses and provocations. Do not fall too far from the apple tree.

The Queen of Bob is currently planning to return to the fall. He is said to have worked with Katy Perry on the remix album of his most popular songs for decades. A source told The Sun that he is a big Katy Perry fan and has been wanting to record a song with him for years. Collaboration with a much younger berry may be one reason for this relapse beauty attack.

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