Let your skin rejuvenate with Sink Therapy in Atlanta!


Everyone wants to look younger and energetic, no one wants to look old or dull. But it is the mirror that tells you the reality and that reality can’t be digested by many.

In a recent survey by an NGO, it was found that 70 percent of the fairness creams available in the market today are ineffective in providing fairness to the customers.

Also in a recent study published in the science journal, it was found that about 45 percent of cosmetic creams available in the market today do not match the required standards and fails in the quality control test.

 In a survey by The Guardian, it was found that 36 percent of the skin doctors in low-middle income countries have no qualified degree for their profession.

With so much piracy and harmful chemicals in the creams, it has become very important to find the right consultation or well-qualified doctor who has good experience in his or her profession and can provide the best solution or treatment for skin problems.

If you are looking for the best expert and a reliable consultation in Atlanta then you are welcome at Harley Institute for Skin Therapy Atlanta. Here you can connect with Dr. Harley to get the best Skin Therapy Atlanta. 

 The Harley Institute is founded by Dr. Harley.

The Institute specializes in Preventive and Wellness Health intending to decrease the incidence of age-related diseases, thereby improving the quality of life for all.

The Institute provides its patients with the most advanced, therapeutic, and beautifying, custom-designed spa services. Here your experience will be relaxing and rejuvenating to your mind, body, and spirit.

 The lady is a pioneer in the Anti-Aging field with a fellowship in functional integrative medicine. The lady doctor is Board Certified physician and one of Atlanta’s top doctors. Dr. Harley has enthusiastically served the Metro Atlanta community for over 30 years. The lady founded the Harley Institute as a means of improving healthcare for both men and women with a focus on hormone balancing, anti-aging, weight management, and aesthetics with an emphasis on treating the “Whole Person.”

The Doctor approach is changing the lives of thousands of men and women. Her technique involves using subcutaneous, bio-identical hormone pellets.

The Doctor has studied and researched the use of synthetic versus natural hormone replacement therapy for her patients. She has found that natural bio-identical creams and Pellet Therapy are far superior to any synthetic hormones on the market. The doctor female, as well as male patients, have regained what they thought was forever lost; energy, focus, drive, and a zest for life!

Different Services provided by the Harley Institute are:

1. Rediesse Injection

2. Progesterone Treatment

3. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

4. Estrogen

5. Dysport

6. Medical Spa

7. Platelet Rich Plasma

8. Naturopathic Treatment

9. Hormone Replacement

10. Skin Tightening

11. Pellet Therapy

12. Skin Rejuvenation

13. Chemical Peels

14. Natural Creams

15. Natural Vitamins

16. Vein Therapy

17. Laser Hair Removal

18. Natural Detoxification

19. Lipo-Contour VASER

20. Skin Therapy- Laser Genesis etc.

Some Tips by the institute Experts to get glowing skin:

1. Apart from regular exercise, a proper diet is also needed to be followed to get beautiful and glowing skin.

2. Nourishing your body from the inside out will make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

3. Apart from drinking at least seven to eight glasses of water each day, you should try drinking herbal tea, green tea, and white tea as they provide delicious flavonoid content to the skin. This helps in keeping the body hydrated and flushes out its toxins.

4. Include vitamin C-rich foods in your diet like grapefruit, Kiwi, orange, strawberry, broccoli, and red bell peppers. These should not be eaten soon after the meals but throughout the day. Look for the vitamin C deficiency and be careful.

5. To avoid dry and flaky skin, start adding more linoleum acid to your nutritional intake. This can be done by replacing the normal oil used in cooking with olive oil in your food.

Always remember that your skin is the most beautiful organ of your body to maintain its beauty connect with Harley Institute for Skin Therapy at Atlanta.

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