Home Body Treatments Laser centre in Powell River offers hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Laser centre in Powell River offers hair removal and skin rejuvenation

Laser centre in Powell River offers hair removal and skin rejuvenation


Men and women in search of laser hair removal and younger-looking skin can now stay in Powell River with the opening of New Beginnings Laser Center. 

Owned by longtime Powell River resident Angela Desilets, New Beginnings opened inside of JR Original Tattoo Spa on Franklin Avenue on August 1. Angela says she saw the potential for having a laser centre in Powell River and saw setting up inside an already established local spa as ideal. 

Laser skin therapy has a wide range of applications beyond hair removal, says Angela.  

“The hair removal is nice but I can also remove moles and provide other cosmetic skin therapies,” she adds. “I’ve seen some really amazing results.” 

Although common moles rarely turn into melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, people who have a large number of them on their bodies do seem to be at a higher risk, she says. 

Besides mole removal, laser skin therapy is also effective in temporarily reversing pigmentation caused by damage from sun exposure, age spots, rosacea, epidermal melasma, ingrown hairs, freckles, broken capillaries and some scars. 

Helping people feel better about themselves is a key reason Angela went into laser therapy. 

“I love seeing results,” she says. “I love the fact that my clients can look in the mirror and not see their rosacea, melasma or pigmentation anymore. I love that they can look in the mirror and love what they see. That makes me very happy.”

Laser hair removal is still the most sought after service though, she says. 

Women come in to have their legs and bikini lines done, as well as anywhere else they have hair growing they do not want to have to pluck, wax or shave, says Angela. 

“From their nose down, I can laser it all off,” she adds. 

Men commonly ask for the whiskers that grow on their necks, as well as the hair on their chests and backs to be removed, she says.

The number of treatments required depends on a few factors specific to each client, including skin and hair types, and the coarseness of a person’s hair, explains Angela. On average, she has clients come in once a month for between four to 10 months and then periodic follow-ups. 

Laser hair removal is most effective with people who have darker hair, she says. The laser responds to the dark pigment in the follicle, so it doesn’t work with people who have grey or very light coloured hair, she adds.  

Having laser hair removal done is not entirely painless, but it hurts less than waxing, says Angela. She uses ice to help numb the areas that are being treated to reduce any discomfort, she adds. 

New Beginnings uses a DermaLase IPL machine for both its hair removal and skin rejuvenating therapies. It is manufactured by Canadian company Nu Body Equipment and the company says it is Health Canada approved and CSA certified. Unlike other more pinpoint focused lasers, New Beginnings’ machine produces a broad stroke of laser light, says Angela. 

In addition to providing laser skin therapy and hair removal, New Beginnings also has a microdermabrasion machine that helps exfoliate the skin. 

“It really takes care of fine lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin,” she adds.

Angela says she prices her services to be comparable with laser centres in larger cities and aims to keep them affordable. 

“I want to be here so people can afford to come and see me,” she adds.

Prices depend on what a client is coming in for. 

For more information about how Angela can assist or to book an appointment with her, call 604.413.0551. 

New Beginnings Laser Center is on Facebook and Instagram.



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