Kim Kardashian Says This Laser “Removes Sun Spots and Sun Damage”


Whether it’s her latest workout routine, her sworn-by makeup tricks or her skin-care musts, if Kim Kardashian loves a product, we’re going to want to give it a try. This afternoon, Kardashian posted her most recent skin-care treatment obsession—the Moxi laser paired with BBL—in a series of high quality videos posted to her Instagram stories.

Kardashian posted a video showing herself receiving a broad-band light laser treatment with the Moxi laser courtesy of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Ashkan Ghavami, MD. As the celeb explained in the video’s caption, the laser’s main focus is to remove sun spots and sun damage in a non-ablative, pain-free way—emphasis on the pain-free. Throughout the video, Kardashian didn’t even flinch, “it didn’t hurt me at all,” she confirms after undergoing her second round of the treatment.

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This latest innovation in facial resurfacing technology has been getting tons of praise for its painless technique and for the very minimal downtime associated with the treatment. Now gaining the approval of Kim K herself, the star clarified in her post that “this is not a paid ad” and rather that she posted because she “just really loves the results” and wanted to share with her followers.

The next slide on Kardashian’s story shows her skin freshly lasered and glowing, covered in a layer of exosome serum to complete the rejuvenation process. If the star’s rave review doesn’t convince you, her radiant, flawless skin post treatment should do the trick.