Katie Price plastic surgery costs in full, according to doctor


Katie Price has become well known for many plastic surgeries – but how much are all these major operations likely to cost? We ask an expert

Katie Price has had countless surgeries - but at what cost?
Katie Price has had countless surgeries – but at what cost?

Katie Price’ s love for plastic surgery is well documented, with frequent reveals of newly developed body parts splashing across the papers on a regular basis.

The “surgery veteran” started modelling in 1996 aged 18 as an all-natural beauty, often for Page 3 under her alter ego of Jordan.

In 1999, she went under the knife for the first time, enhancing her breasts and making her natural curls a thing of the past.

By 2011, she had proudly told the world that she was “totally plastic”, a lifestyle choice she has shown no interest fo moving away from in the 11 years since.

Katie looks battered and bruised as she recovers from surgery



She now says that Botox doesn’t work for her – having had it so many times – and frequently nips off to Turkey for body work. There is a steady stream of images showing her face looking black and blue, with painful-looking wounds poking out of alarmingly big bandages.

The mass of knife work has raised concerns in the past about its potential danger to her health – on top of that, such an enormous list of operations will not have come cheap.

The Mirror speaks to a plastic surgeon to get a feel for how much her work is likely to have cost, and whether it is safe.

Katie Price’s plastic surgery bill

Katie has become synonymous with plastic surgery



Dr Tijion Esho, a resident skin doctor for BBC Morning Live and founder of ESHO skincare, takes us through how much her full list of procedures are likely to have cost.

13 boob jobs – Between £6,000 and £7,000 per surgery, meaning that 13 surgeries have set her back as much as £84,000.

Veneer teeth – A full set of veneers costs between £3,000 and £5,000.

An array of facelifts – Starting from £7,000 each, although she had one for £5,000 back in 2017 that used sutures rather than going under the knife. In 2019 she did however go the whole way when she set off for Turkey.

A Brazilian bum lift – Dr Esho says a bum lift can cost £8,000 per session, something she had done in 2019. Since then she has undergone further surgery to have her bum reduced again.

Katie Price gave fans a gruesome behind the scenes look at one of her facelift surgeries



Multiple Botox injections – A Botox session over three areas can cost between £250 and £400, Dr Esho says. Katiegets her face Botoxed twice a year, explaining: “I get my forehead and around my eyes Botoxed every six months and I love it. You can’t beat it.”

Liposuction – £6,000 per session. She had her first liposuction when she was still a teen, and even now regularly heads to Turkey to get fat sucked out of her.

Eye and brow lift – This surgery comes in at between £5,000 to £7,000 – Katie got this done in January 2022 which left her with bandages on her face.

While it is impossible to give an exact number for her total spending, it is fair to say that – based on Dr Esho’s expertise – Katie has had well over £100,000 worth of work done over the last 25 years.

Is Katie Price’s plastic surgery safe?

Katie has had her face worked on multiple times


YouTube/ Katie Price)

“With the list of treatments she has had and rumours of further surgery to come, she is a great risk of further scarring, infection, blood clots and specifically death from a fatal fat embolus,” warns Dr Esho.

“In addition to this there will be further risks from each general aesthetic, which includes MI [a myocardial infarction – otherwise known as a heart attack], stroke and pulmonary embolism.

“Cosmetic surgery when done safely and for the right reasons can be life-changing. But in this case, my concern is the frequency of surgery and the underlying drive to keep having more and never being happy. These are hallmarks of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and in those cases happiness can never be found at the end of a scalpel.”

Dr Esho added that, while Katie’s list of surgeries is huge, the amount she pays could be less due to her tendency to get work done in Turkey.

She has also spoken in the past about getting surgery for free in exchange for promoting clinics and surgeons.

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