BEIRUT, LEBANON, January 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the new wave of beauty technology for lifted cheekbones, jawline definition and smoother, tighter skin, DermaVita announces the upcoming launch of JUVEDERM SET – a combination of a Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler and lifting threads.

JUVEDERM SET is a new solution involving lifting threads that retract, lift and tighten up the facial tissues and an HA-based filler to recreate lost volume. Incorporating products of two aesthetic procedures in one session potentiates their effects, providing optimal facial rejuvenation with an outcome similar to the traditional facelift but with minimum downtime.

Final confirmations and approvals from the regulatory authorities are expected soon, and thus the launch of JUVEDERM SET is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

Mr. Houssam Tawil – President of DermaVita is pleased to announce that the fruitful communication with the practitioners in the aesthetic procedures business led to the idea of creating JUVEDERM SET, consists a HA filler + lifting threads.

The hybrid device is designed to help practitioners amplify their strategies of aesthetic procedures and at the same time benefit patients by providing them with a more complex method for obtaining the desired facial corrections, while achieving the ultimate natural-looking yet toned complexion.

With results that are long-lasting, safer, less extensive and better tolerated, than a traditional surgical facelift, JUVEDERM SET offers a natural knife-free alternative, replacing the plastic surgery. The additional advantage is a rapid recovery, so that even those with a busy schedule can fit the JUVEDERM SET’ procedure into their lives.

A soft-tissue filler cannot reach alone the desired lifting effect, regardless of the different multi-point injections. Posing it does not seem to be enough to lift the concerned area effectively and at the same time to fulfill each specific patient’s enhancement goals.

Discussions with renowned medical professionals on different injection practices and techniques, during DermaVita’s international events at “Beauty Professional Academy”, also contributed significantly to establishing the design of JUVEDERM SET, offering patients a tailored, minimally invasive, two-in-one facial rejuvenation.

While the threads lift the zones with sagging skin and stimulate collagen production to enhance the skin’s health, the filler adds volume to the specific problem areas. When the thread lift procedure has lifted the skin to the desired position, a new subcutaneous structure is created for collagen to develop around. Injecting the dermal filler right after helps the skin boost collagen production, reinforcing the foundation created by thread lifts. New collagen development further helps improve skin texture, tightening loose skin while allowing the process of rejuvenation.

Incorporating innovative, state-of-the-art techniques, along with tried-and-true theory, JUVEDERM SET is expected to transform the perspective regarding a possible nonsurgical facelift. It will allow aesthetic practitioners not only to achieve but also maintain individual patient needs – to sculpt and tighten the face in a manner that never appears “done” or overly taut and tight.

We take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and admiration towards all our trainers, doctors, and partners from the Beauty Professional Academy’s events for the professional expertise, contribution, and overall inspiration throughout the years which led to the creation of JUVEDERM SET.

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