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JLo claims olive oil, not botox, is her skin secret

JLo claims olive oil, not botox, is her skin secret


The JLo glow is real, but when it comes to being honest about how she gets it, Jenny from the Block is no longer about keeping it real.

Jennifer Lopez is stunning. We all know that. She was beautiful when she was young and captured our attention as a singer and she’s only become more so as she’s gotten older and transitioned to being an actress. It’s funny, huh, how celebrities seem to reverse the laws of ageing. At 51, she could pass for decades younger.

While we’re not begrudging her good looks, we have an issue with her latest claims that it’s all down to olive oil and has nothing to do with a little helping hand from some strategically used injectables or cosmetic treatments. It’s like when Nicole Kidman claimed that her porcelain, line-free complexion was just down to sunscreen. Please.

It’s why we appreciate that Angie Kent admits she spends $27,000 a year to look the way she does. Good on her for being able to afford it and for being honest about how much money it takes to get a celebrity’s complexion.

Page Six reports that when launching her new skincare range, J.Lo Beauty (which isn’t available in Australia yet) to beauty editors over Zoom, she said: “I haven’t ever had Botox to this day.”

She claims that her wrinkle-free complexion is down to olive oil and she’s been smothering herself in the stuff for decades.

“It’s a secret I’ve used over the years because it really does work,” she says, which is why her beauty range champions olive oil as the hero ingredient. There’s no mention at all of her enormous privilege which contributes to how she looks.

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On the latest issue of Healthy-ish, ‘Jennifer Lopez’s skin & olive oil – what’s the deal?’ host Felicity Harley chats with Body+Soul’s beauty editor Kelsey Ferencak about her claims.

“Just looking at images of her on the computer screen makes me want to drown myself in olive oil. I’m on the bandwagon and I know that it’s not all down to that,” Ferencak says.

“Basically olive oil is rich in beneficial skin goodies like essential fatty acids, antioxidants for protection against environmental damage, it’s also an anti-inflammatory and it’s an emollient, which means much like other oils it’s super moisturising, hydrating and prevents water loss.

“It’s also said to be rich in vitamins A, E and K and they’re really good for collagen production and support and improving that skin elasticity.

“However in saying that, it’s not going to get you JLo worthy skin. I just want to put that out there but perhaps as part of skincare routine to complement in-clinic treatments, it would help. I think slathering it on as a body moisturiser would be lovely, but I think that’s probably as far as I’d go.

“I think it would be great for your hair as well. I wouldn’t use it on my face.”

No? But doesn’t olive oil give you that JLo glow?

“It’s said to be slightly comedogenic so there’s a risk of it clogging your pores. If you’re prone to breakouts I’d avoid it,” Ferencak says.

Sure, you could use that bottle you have in your kitchen, but your bathroom drain probably wouldn’t be too happy with you. Ferencak recommends looking to brands such as The Olive Oil Skincare Company, The Body Shop and Korres, all of which have products formulated with olive oil. Or, keep an eye for JLo Beauty when it launches locally.

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