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Jimmy Carr had surgery to ‘match his TV appearance’

Jimmy Carr had surgery to ‘match his TV appearance’


  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 March 2021

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr underwent surgery as he felt disappointed by his appearance when he looked in the mirror compared to how he looked on TV

Jimmy Carr underwent surgery because he felt disappointed by his appearance.

The 48-year-old comedian has admitted to getting his teeth fixed, a hair transplant and botox so he could “match” the way he looks on TV after sitting in the make-up chair.

Speaking on Gabby Logan’s ‘The MidPoint’ podcast, he said: “The cosmetic stuff is sort of nonsense, it’s the feeling better. And there’s the exercise I do and the pills I take – I take a lot of pills as part of a health overhaul.

“What I imagine in my head matches what I see in the mirror. It’s the illusion of being on TV – you see yourself in full make-up looking your best and lit well, then you look in the mirror and go, ‘Oof, that’s disappointing.'”

‘The Big Fat Quiz of the Year’ host first changed his looks by having his teeth completely remastered and was sat in the chair for three days while he was under anaesthesia.

He recalled: “I got my teeth done, that’s the first thing I had done. They’re more than veneers. I got every tooth in my head done in one sitting.

“I did 12 hours in the chair the first day, then 12 hours the second, it was like a three day thing where you’ve got temporary things on, it’s pretty full on.

“I think they gave me Rohypnol intravenously into the vein and you’re kind of out of it and they do everything and you’re fine. It’s a dream-like haze, you’re in a weird space.”

Jimmy considered going under the knife and having a face lift but decided he would rather maintain his appearance than risk looking completely different.

He explained: “I think that thing of age is that people don’t really see what’s there, people are good at pattern recognition, that’s all they do, teeth and hair.

“Maintaining is the thing, I don’t think there’s anything you can do plastic surgery wise, or augmentation wise, that makes you look better, you can just sort of stay the same, that’s what you can hope for.”


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