Jim Cramer Wants Healthier Gains From Healthcare Stocks


Now, I’m never going to punt on all of pharma. 

Bristol-Myers.  (BMY) – Get Report Bristol-Myers has been no friend here. $60. It’s like it’s stuck, just like epoxy, to 60. But it’s too cheap and it’s got this MyoKardia data that‘s going to come out this month. And I think and [CEO] Giovanni Caforio has told you it’s going to be gigantic. So we have to wait. We have to wait and we’ll take that 3¼ yield while we wait. 

AbbVie  (ABBV) – Get Report is boring but with that outsize yield, it actually may be one of the more perfect stocks to own in the environment. Now, do not forget, do not forget what will happen with Botox. They can’t go — people don’t go for Botox right now. Too dangerous. That’s going to open up. And that is going to be huge for them.

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