Home Facial Treatments Jennifer Lopez denies using Botox after followers criticize JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez denies using Botox after followers criticize JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez denies using Botox after followers criticize JLo Beauty


  • Jennifer Lopez is launching JLo Beauty, a skin-care line built around her own routine. 
  • JLo dropped a video announcement giving followers a peek behind the scenes of product development and sharing how the skin-care tips she’s gotten from her mother serve as the basis for the whole line. 
  • But some commenters are skeptical, claiming Lopez also pays for Botox and fillers to keep her skin looking youthful. 
  •  The singer denies ever having gotten Botox or fillers.
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Though Jennifer Lopez is known for her singing, dancing, and acting, she’s also become a beauty icon because of her flawless skin.

The 51-year-old has been talking about her skin routine for years, but now she’s launching her own product line, JLo Beauty

The star announced her line on Thursday with an Instagram video that gives followers a look into the creation process. It shows Lopez testing products with developers, explaining her mom’s love of olive oil as a beauty cure-all, and choosing to use natural oils over synthetic oils in her creams.  

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But some fans are convinced there’s something more to Lopez’s personal skin-care regimen

Followers took to the comments section of the announcement video to accuse Lopez of hiding another part of her own regimen: Botox and fillers. 

“That’s interesting, she gets all types of professional skin treatments and wants people to think simple topical products will make a difference,” one commenter said. “I hope so but it’s a stretch.”

Another simply claimed, “Botox galore!” while others acknowledged her good genes, but remained skeptical of her limited facial creases: “good gene ok, but no little lines on the face is impossible.”

But the singer denies having gotten any work done on her face.

Lopez replied to some of the comments, saying “I have never done Botox. These are my real skincare secrets …” and “sorry baby no I haven’t ever used [Botox and fillers]. This is what I use I hope you enjoy. Also a joyful heart helps.”

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Plenty of commenters swooped in to defend the ‘Limitless’ singer 

One supportive follower wrote, “lol right. Women can’t handle the fact that some just have good genes. My mom is almost 60 and looks 35.”  

Others chimed in to point out that Lopez also credits exercise, diet, and hydration for her skin: “Also she said you need to look after yourself be kind to your self. I’m nearly 40 and try and stay away from stress I’m not old looking — or weathered — just lucky.”

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Lopez has always credited her glowing skin to good genes, a healthy diet, and lots of hydration 

The singer told InStyle in 2018 that she’s “a firm believer in SPF” and that her No. 1 beauty tip is to get plenty of sleep — ideally nine or 10 hours. She also told People in 2016 that she uses “glycolic acid to get that healthy glow and clear skin,” and that she never goes to bed without taking off her makeup from the day.

She also revealed to the magazine that night creams, along with plenty of water, keep her skin hydrated. 

“Sorry, it’s true!” she told People. “I think drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables (I keep [them] with me at all times) all play into the quality of skin’s appearance.” 

In fact, Lopez recently revealed that she specifically rejected Botox when she was in her 20s and never looked back.

The star recently told Elle magazine that a dermatologist had recommended Botox to her when she was 23 years old and she turned it down. She said if she had done it, “My face would be a totally different face today.”

Lopez’s skin-care line, which is set to drop on December 8, offers a serum, moisturizer, mask, different creams, a cleanser, and a complexion booster.


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