Jane Seymour, 71, Opens Up About Aging and Authenticity in New Interview—‘You Need a Face That Moves’


    • Jane Seymour sat down with Prevention to share her thoughts on aging, going gray, and plastic surgery.
    • The 71-year-old says that these days she is the busiest she has ever been in the entirety of her career.
    • “I’m not pretending that I’m not my age, I just like to look the healthiest version that I can.”

      At 71, Jane Seymour has no plans to slow down any time soon. In fact, the award-winning actress says that currently she’s the busiest she’s ever been in her career—and we believe it.

      These days you can see her on-screen as Bette in B. Positive, but that’s just one of the many roles she’s stepping into. As for how the 71-year-old is managing a robust schedule (one look at her IMDB page will have you wondering how she manages time for sleep, let alone a partnership with Crepe Erase, a hat collection with Wallaroo hats, and of course her jewelry collection via JVT). The answer is likely in her attitude.

      “I just literally grab life by the horns every day, I do not live in the negative, I do not live in the past,” she says.

      In fact, many of her characters give us insight into a potential future version of Seymour. You may have noticed that lately, she’s portraying older women with gray hair, but Seymour herself rocks long, light brown locks in real life. That’s because the 71-year-old says she isn’t actually fully gray yet. “I’ve decided to wear my brown hair in real life and gray when it’s a part of a show,” she explains.

      But that doesn’t mean she is against it. “I have a lot of friends who have allowed themselves to go gray and they look elegant and lovely. And I know I look amazing with gray hair because I’ve made at least three or four movies recently with anything from gray to platinum hair,” she says. “I’ve been playing a lot of older ladies recently, and in real life, I don’t actually have that much gray hair so I wouldn’t naturally be gray, I’d look a bit more like a skunk, so at the moment I decided that I really like the color I have, it’s very natural.”

      “I don’t think I’ve ever worked as much as I have right now.”

      And when it comes to fillers and plastic surgery, she says that she has her sights set on aging naturally.

      “I have not done facelifts or all of those things and fillers just because honestly I don’t think I’ve ever worked as much as I have right now,” she said. “And I am being able to be authentic, and I think being as authentic as you can be as an actress is really important. You need a face that moves,” she quips.

      In fact, Seymour says that while filming for a recent project, the makeup department actually had to “paint in wrinkles,” which she says “was very satisfying.”

      “But in terms of being in tune with my age,” she says, “I’m not pretending that I’m not my age, I just like to look the healthiest version that I can.”

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      But more than anything, Seymour says it’s your mindset that plays the biggest factor in how you age. “I think as much as anything it’s an attitude towards life. If you see a positive in life, if you have a purpose, if you’re not thinking all the time about yourself, if you’re thinking about ‘what can I do to help others that are less fortunate? What can I do today that can make a difference in the world? Or what can I do to enjoy this amazing planet we are on, or the gifts we have and the gift of life?’” She says this way of thinking, along with spending ample time with her grandchildren, is what helps her stay youthful.

      “My mother always used to say the hardest thing in the world is just to accept. So you know right now I’m of an age where so many friends and family and people are struggling with illnesses and all kinds of crises in their lives and every day we’re here is a miracle and every moment that you can share the love that you feel for someone, or the difference that you can make for them, makes you happier—so that’s my mantra.”

      That’s a mantra we might just have to steal. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Seymour!

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