Jack Nathan Medical Corp, operating as Jack Nathan Health, expanding operations across Canada and Mexico


  • Operates one of Canada’s largest health care networks
  • Delivers walk-clinics and family practices in 76 Walmart locations in Canada and 11 in Mexico
  • Actively buying existing medical and paramedical clinics within its current footprint

What Jack Nathan Medical does:

Jack Nathan Medical Corp () (OTCMKTS:JNHMF), operating as , runs one of Canada’s largest health care networks. 

The company is improving access for millions of patients by co-locating physician and ancillary medical services conveniently inside () stores. 

Jack Nathan Health was established in 2006 and now delivers state-of-the-art, turn-key walk-clinics and family practices in 76 Walmart locations across Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, as well as 11 locations in Mexico.

The company designs, builds, and sets-up its barrier-free medical and dental clinics via strategic partnerships with some of the brightest physicians across Canada. In addition to in-clinic physicians, patients can get help through the company’s digital telemedicine.

How is it doing: 

Jack Nathan Health kicked off 2021 with two acquisitions to strengthen its telemedicine operations and to expand the range of services and treatment options available to both practitioners and patients at its clinics, as the company seeks to become a full-service provider of medical, health, and wellbeing services and products.

In January the company acquired Writi, a cloud-based medication-management software platform, available on mobile devices and web platforms. Writi’s Virtual Healthcare platform supports the secure digital communication, record maintenance, and workflow of resident-related orders and documentation.

Writi is helping to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) with remote virtual check-ups from physicians and nurse practitioners, treating patients and prescribing using virtual billing, prescription fulfillment, and integration with various emergency medical retrieval services (EMRs). In addition, prescribers and healthcare workers can check in on patients in isolation and assess and treat patients remotely. 

The Writi service platform, in its early stage, is scaling and is used in long-term care (LTC) homes by over 800 frontline healthcare workers, serving 15 locations and 1598 resident beds. Writi has a stable and growing recurring revenue base, receiving a monthly recurring SaaS fee per resident beds, in LTC homes.

A month later Jack Nathan Health acquired two profitable Redeem MediSpas locations, which are actually located in the company’s medical walk-in clinics at Walmart in Maple and Brampton, Ontario. The so-called in-house acquisition is immediately accretive and highly complementary to the company’s already well-established network of health clinics.

Redeem MediSpa offers a complete range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments for facial and body rejuvenation and aesthetics, including treatments for migraines, laser therapy, anti-aging, face, and body skin tightening, PRP therapies, joint pain treatments, and hair loss – to name a few.

In Mexico, the company is rapidly expanding its footprint via subsidiary JNH Medico Mexico, a provider of primary care medical clinics located in Walmart Supercentres and other Walmart Mexico formats under the Jack Nathan Health brand. Currently, 11 clinics are operating and the company plans to open 50 more in 2021. Rapid expansion in Walmart Mexico is fueled by modular, cost-effective construction which only takes days and requires no capital expenditure from Jack Nathan Health. 

To carry out the company’s new business strategy heading into 2021 and beyond, Jack Nathan Health hired Dr Glenn Copeland as its chief medical officer. He will help the company expand corporate clinic operations in several locations across Canada in 2021.

As the company actively buys existing medical and paramedical clinics within its current footprint, led by Dr Copeland, the company will be freed to integrate a technology backbone that improves efficiencies, level of care, patient metrics, and margins. In fact, the company is working on a system to integrate both clinic and patient services to drive patient engagement, clinic operations, and analytics.  

For its latest financial reporting period, ended October 31, 2020, the company announced that revenues for the first nine months of that year increased 12.6%. Adjusted EBITDA, (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization), a cash-flow metric, for the same time period increased by 103%.

Inflection points: 

  • Become a leading integrated primary health care provider in Canada and globally
  • Grow through expansion in Walmart, new stand-alone facilities, telemedicine, and acquisitions
  • Expand digital footprint via e-commerce platform and retail product offerings
  • Expand corporate clinic operations across Canada in 2021
  • Open 50 new clinics in Mexico in 2021

What the boss says:

“The acquisition of MediSpa provides a unique opportunity to further entrench Jack Nathan Health as a full-service provider of quality services, deepening our ability to close the circle of care for each patient by attending to their unique needs,” accroding to Dr Glenn Copeland, Jack Nathan Health’s CMO.

“I look forward to driving this integration forward as we expand our range of services, including the expansion of our digital footprint through the addition of an e-commerce platform and retail product offerings.”

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