Is Spilanthol a Natural Botox Alternative?


Spilanthol is a herbal extract that is obtained from the yellow-red, spherical flower heads of the paracress (Acmella oleracea). Paracress has its origins in South America, where the herbal active ingredient has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat headaches, toothaches, asthma, and joint swelling due to its anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects.

The slightly numbing effect has another iuse: if Spilanthol is applied to the skin in a suitable concentration, it penetrates the top layer and relaxes the muscles that are responsible for the formation of fine lines. The skin’s surface is supposed to be tightened and visibly smoothed by the reduced muscle tension. Don’t worry: in contrast to actual botox, the muscles can still be moved after the plant-based active ingredient has been applied and facial expressions are not frozen. Compared to botox, the effect is much less pronounced and only lasts for a short time. The big advantage is the natural result. In addition, Spilanthol is said to have a positive influence on the body’s own collagen network and, with regular use, ensure firmer skin.

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