Mga nilalaman ng Perform Facial Treatment -Beauty Care NC II

1. Assess clients needs
1.1 Clients’ facial skin condition is checked and analyzed.
1.2 Client is advised on appropriate facial treatment option.
1.3 Protective clothing and gadget are worn by the client and
1.4 Hands are thoroughly washed and sanitized before performing
the activity.
1.5 Client is consulted to confirm health condition per instruction if
2. Perform cleaning and
actual treatment of
the face (separate
cleaning from actual
treatment, these can
be two activities or
2.1 Treatment products are prepared and used according to salon
procedures and manufacturer’s instruction.
2.2 Appropriate cleaning technique and application of cleansing
product is performed following salon policies.
2.3 Client safety and comfort is ensured during the process.
2.4 Face is massaged thoroughly using different strokes always
in upward movement.
2.5 Appropriate timeline prescribed for each step is followed.
2.6 Water level of facial steamer is checked according to D.O.H.
rules and regulations.
2.7 Skin is toned with manual or facial machine and applied with
appropriate finishing facial products.
3. Perform post
treatment activity
3.1 Result is checked through visual or with the use of equipment.
3.2 Client is advised on post treatment precautions and
appropriate maintenance product procedure.
3.3 Tools, equipment and materials are cleaned and sanitized
and stored according to OHSC.
3.4 Workstation is cleaned for next activities.
3.5 Cleansing and treatment products are stored in designated
3.6 Wastes are disposed following DENR regulations.
3.7 Cold compress is applied on treated area following salon
policies and procedures.