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Intermed Labs at Mon Health completes pilot for Hand Surgery Simulator


MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) – Morgantown-based MedTech startup studio, Intermed Labs at Mon Health, announced the completion of a pilot clinical trial at Stanford University of its Hand Surgery Simulator.

The study, approved by the Mon Health Medical Center Institutional Review Board, used a new hand surgery simulator, named HandEd, to help resident surgeons practice the critical skills required to achieve better patient outcomes.

The study involved 17 plastic surgery residents in the Division of Plastic Surgery at Stanford University. The realistic hand simulator facilitates percutaneous pinning and plating of more complex hand fractures in a conference room instead of on actual patients in an operating room.

“I was very pleased by the excellent feedback it received from the doctors,” said Intermed Labs at Mon Health co-founder Dr. Tom McClellan. “It is exciting but only the beginning. I think there are a number of improvements we can make to expand upon the proprioceptive and cognitive skills developed within the curriculum.”

The resident surgeons had a lot of positive comments about the training device t hat was designed and built here in Morgantown. “Awesome simulator! Felt realistic, would be awesome to continue using for ongoing practice,” one resident stated. Another surgeon said, “This training device should be used in all orthopedic and plastic surgery training programs. It was great!”

David Goldberg CEO of Mon Health System stated, “I am really pleased with the early results from the trial. Improving clinical outcomes in hand surgery is important. Engaging with clinicians to see them develop tools to enhance their ability to best take care of patients is why we joined with Intermed Labs.”

The results of the trial are currently being compiled and a writeup will be submitted to the nationally circulated Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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