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Integra Medical Center Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Integra Medical Center Celebrates its 30th Anniversary


Front Desk Integra Medical Center

Front Desk at Integra Medical Center

Current staff at Integra Medical Center

Current staff at Integra Medical Center

Since 1991, Integra Medical Center has been a leading Regenerative Medicine Clinic in the Nuevo Progreso Area. For the world.

NUEVO PROGRESO, TAMAULIPAS , MEXICO, February 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Since its founding in 1991, Integra Medical Center has been a pioneer clinic in Regenerative Medicine procedures based on Stem Cells in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, for the world. Its staff is proud of practicing multiple modalities of therapy, that Dr. Omar Gonzalez incorporated into his practice after extensive reviewing, and always matching his principles and values like minimal side effects, best effectiveness, and affordability.

Dr. Gonzalez and his team are always in constant and continuous education. He’s been in multiple countries in Europe, Asia, and the United States, validating and reinforcing his protocols and techniques. All in an effort to offer the best care for multiple diagnoses and conditions.

For 30 years Acupuncture and Stem Cell therapy have been the staple procedures offered; cosmetic surgeries, Laser therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, are some of the newest treatments being currently offered.

Personalized care has always been a must, along using the best technology, either in the surgery room, IV room, and at all the clinic’s facilities. Special attention has been placed to create the most confortable spaces for treatment and recovery.

Besides the proprietary protocols for an ample range of diseases, from anti-aging to degenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. Multiple Sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s, Integra Medical Center offers Medical Aesthetic treatments, Like the revolutionary Morpheus8 for skin rejuvenation.

Integra Medical Center’s Dr. Omar Gonzalez and staff remain proud of helping improve the quality of life of countless patients from literally around the globe.

To learn more visit: www.integramedicalcenter.com

About Dr. Omar Gonzalez:

Dr. Omar D Gonzalez believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to medicine. He practices state- of-the-art anti-aging techniques and combines the best of European, North American, traditional and Chinese medicine. He has practiced different modalities of Integrative Medicine from Western orthodox medicine and others like Acupuncture; Neural Therapy; Acutome therapy; Laser therapy and Immune Modulating therapy like Term Placenta Stem Cell Therapy since 1991.

Dr. Gonzalez belongs to the International Placenta Stem Cell Society; The Mexican Board of Medical Acupuncture; The Board of Aesthetic Surgery and Longevity and has continued his education at different Universities including Wake Forest, Rice, TERMIS, IPLASS, IESM.

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