Influencer goes ‘filler blind’ with 10 face injections

Influencer goes 'filler blind' with 10 face injections

Over the years, fillers have become one of the most popular beauty procedures across the world — from lips to cheeks, people can attain their desired look with a few syringes of this magic potion.

But one woman’s claimed she ended up looking like a rubik’s cube after getting addicted to them.

The YouTuber, Kayla, shared the snaps of her earlier days, where she claimed she had gone ”filler blind.”

Looking back at the photos, Kayla, who has over 600 thousand subscribers on YouTube, said the 10 milliliters of filler had completely deformed her face.

Since getting some of them dissolved, people have agreed that the beauty guru is now better looking, with some even pointing out she’s ”aged backwards.”

“You look 10yrs younger now,” thought a viewer.

“Yes girl yes finally,” one viewer appeared to be particularly happy about the decision.

“omgg i remember u from ages ago so glad u dissolved it,” another added.

”You looked like molly mae when she had fillers in,” a person pointed out.

One fan commented: ”Omg i learned from you how to contour and makeup and i loved your videos.

“didnt recognize you until the end of the video.”

“I remember u from yt, glad u finally realised,” another agreed.

Kayla’s viewers argued the beauty expert appears to look younger with her new face.
Kayla’s viewers argued the beauty expert appears to look younger with her new face.
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Meanwhile, a beautician explains why you will never look the same after fillers and getting them dissolved won’t get your old face back.

Plus, a woman was rushed to the hospital after suffering a bad allergic reaction to getting her lip filler dissolved.

Also, a woman who got lip filler ended up with it moving down to her chin — but she still doesn’t regret it at all.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission. 

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