Indianapolis U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports increase in fake goods


INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers say they have seen a 55% increase in fake goods coming into the area since last year.

Officers say people are shipping items like fake luxury bags, clothing and over the counter goods from overseas to try to scam you.

Nearly 8,000 of these items worth more than $115 million were seized in the Indy area.

The agency urges you to pay attention to what you are buying especially because these fake items could put your health at risk with cancer-causing chemicals.

“The clothing could be harmful because of the dyes. Shoes can be harmful for your feet because they aren’t actually designed the way are supposed to be designed and any beauty products — [we’re] talking makeup or Botox lip fillers or anything like that or prescription drugs — they are not protected by the United States agencies saying this is real,” said Timothy Hubbard, CBP Indianapolis Chief Officers.

Officers also seized nearly 10,000 pounds of drugs — double the amount from last year. Some of those drugs were transported in items like a stuffed bear.

bear with drugs


Indianapolis U.S. Customs and Border Protection shared this photo of drugs that were transported inside a teddy bear.

Customs and Border Protection tells WRTV the top three drugs coming into Indianapolis are marijuana, ecstasy and meth.

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