Increase in Plastic Surgery Demand During Pandemic Emphasizes Importance of Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons, says Dr. Steven Varkony | News


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A January 6 article on The Guardian reports on the global rise in plastic surgery procedures during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The article credits the dramatic increase in the number of people working from home as one element in the trend. This is because one very small silver-lining of the pandemic for prospective plastic surgery patients is that it affords people with sedentary jobs the opportunity to heal from a procedure at home, without having to take a great deal of time off from work. The article notes that another motivator is that almost everyone is spending more time looking at computer images of themselves in online meetings, providing us with a heightened sense of our appearance. Encino-based board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven J. Varkony says that individuals considering any type of plastic surgery or procedure, however, need to be more careful than ever that they are working with a top-quality provider.

Dr. Varkony says that, while plastic surgery has never been safer and more effective, it is still delicate surgery, and not all plastic surgeons are the same. To be as safe as possible, the doctor insists that prospective patients should only consider surgeons who, like him, have passed the rigorous board-certification process for plastic surgeons. At the same time, patients should also explore the particular abilities of the surgeon, says Dr. Varkony.

It’s important to talk with a plastic surgeon about what to expect in your specific case, says Dr. Varkony. One concern many patients have is with the incision scars that follow procedures. While all good plastic surgeons take pride in their ability to make scars less conspicuous, Dr. Varkony, notes that he has been a pioneer in this area, particularly when it comes to arm lifts (brachioplasty). While most procedures being done still result in a scar going down the length of the inside of the arm, Dr. Varkony’s Hidden Scar Arm Lift places the incision across the length of the armpit inside a natural crease so that the scar that results as inconspicuous as possible. A result, Dr. Varkony says, that has consistently delighted his arm lift patients.

Scaring is just one example, says Dr. Varkony. Plastic surgery is one of the most demanding of all medical specialties and it’s work that requires great skill, knowledge, and a special aesthetic touch. If there’s any decision where you can’t be too careful, choosing a plastic surgeon in the middle of a boom in procedures is one, says the doctor.

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