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I’m in Love With the Kosas 10-Second Anti-Aging Eye Shadow

I’m in Love With the Kosas 10-Second Anti-Aging Eye Shadow


I’m a big fan of beauty products with multiple functions. Not only do they cut down on steps, but they often give you the most value for your money. The number of multi-use products becoming available to us continues to expand — we’re all a little lazy these days, right? — so it’s only fair to spread the word about my new favorite item for simplifying my beauty routine: the 10-Second Eye Shadow from Kosas

Available in eight shimmering shades, the shadow provides opaque color with just one sweep and doubles as an anti-aging eye treatment. The colors range from neutral golds to soft pinks to bright blues, and they’re all formulated with clean, crease-proof ingredients that will last all day (trust me, I can attest to this). Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out with every application thanks to the inclusion of galactoarabinan, a natural plant collagen, while jojoba oil and orange flower water soften skin and brighten the eyelids.  

For the best results, shake the tube to allow the oils and pigment to mix together before placing the soft applicator tip directly onto your lids. There’s no need for brushes, either — the shadow can easily be blended with just your fingertips. You can continue to layer the shadow for bolder, more intense color, or use just one sweep for a sheer, natural look. The brand also recommends mixing different shadow colors to make it your own. 

From the very first time I tried the Kosas shadow in the warm glittery gold shade, I was hooked on the formula’s lightweight, barely-there feel. Not only is it fool-proof to apply, but it also creates a put-together eye look in less than a minute that’s guaranteed to last for hours. Plus, I love that Kosas’ products are entirely vegan and cruelty-free, and use no harsh chemicals or toxins. 

I’m not alone in declaring my love for the 10-Second shadows. Plenty of reviewers have left glowing reviews on the brand’s website. 

“I have always struggled with eyeshadow and this makes it SO easy,” said one shopper. “In just a few seconds, I can swipe on beautiful color and blend with my fingertip. No brushes needed. Globe is my everyday go-to for a neutral wash of color. I also have hooded eyelids and I find this is very easy to blend above the crease to make my eyes appear less hooded.”

Another reviewer said, “honestly lately, it’s the only eye shadow I reach for every morning. It’s really easy to use, I don’t experience any patchiness, and it is beautiful without looking overly done.”


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