I’m a skincare pro in my 40s – I ditched Botox for my miracle product, it transformed my face in 47 days


ONE skincare pro has shared her secret to turning back the clock on wrinkles and fine lines.

And she even claims it can replace expensive Botox treatments.

Aga is an anti-aging enthusiast


Aga is an anti-aging enthusiastCredit: TikTok
She is in her 40s


She is in her 40sCredit: TikTok

Aga is a digital content creator who goes by the handle @AgaHealthySkin.

She took to TikTok to share day 47 of her futuristic skincare hack.

“Want to see my face 47 days ago?” she asked.

She showed the older photo which was shockingly different than her face today.

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“Look at that,” she gushed. “That’s insane.”

Aga did not have any Botox in her face at the time of filming.

“I have full movement back now,” she said while furrowing her brows for demonstration.

“Haven’t had Botox in five months,” she revealed. “Instead of Botox, I decided to give this a go.”

“I was due for Botox there,” she added while showing the older photo again.

Her go-to product not only diminished fine lines, but it also appeared to make her jawline tighter.

“Look at my jaw,” she raved. “It’s like snatched my jaw.”

“I just feel like I look so much better,” she added. “I feel like I look younger.”

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The product is LifeVantage TrueScience Liquid Collagen, which retails for $139.99 as well as LifeVantage Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer, retailing for $49.99.

“Run,” she advised. “Run and get it.”

She revealed a stunning before and after comparison


She revealed a stunning before and after comparisonCredit: TikTok

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