I’m a plastic surgeon – clients want designer vaginas for a surprising reason


A TOP plastic surgeon has revealed the surprising reason a growing number of women are getting ‘designer vagina’ surgery.

Cameron Raine, a consultant with Edinburgh Plastic Surgery Ltd, has noticed an uptick in the amount of procedures carried out in Scotland.

Cameron said tight gym wear could be behind a rise in ops


Cameron said tight gym wear could be behind a rise in ops

But while many patients opt to go under the knife after pregnancy or other health issues, some clients want the nip tuck just so they can wear tight gym gear.

He says: “Labial reduction surgery remains a very popular procedure and not only in young women.

“I have performed the surgery for a lady in her mid-70s who was told when she was younger that nothing could be done, and she just had to put up with it.

“The benefits are improved comfort and improved self confidence as well as improved appearance.

“Other factors that may have influenced the demand for this surgery include the rise of the gym-wear fashion houses and the current
popularity of shaving the pubic region.”

The doc said women are generally delighted with the outcome.

He said: “The demand may also have been driven by the success of the procedure.

“The surgery is typically performed with local anaesthetic and the recovery times are usually short. The patients are usually very happy.

“Although in the past, cosmetic surgery was considered the plaything of the rich and famous, this is no longer true.

“The vast majority of patients seeking cosmetic surgery in Scotland today, are average people living average lives who simply want to change, usually a single aspect of their appearance.”


And that’s not the only op quickly gaining in popularity.

Cameron adds: “The surgery that has really taken off in recent years is buttock reshaping surgery sometimes known as the ‘Brazilian butt lift’, even though it originated in Colombia.

“The technique involved removing fat from other parts of the body and using it to reshape the buttocks.

“In the UK the procedure is currently not supported in its original form due to the fatalities that have occurred if the fat is placed
too close to the blood vessels.

“However, we can target the hip region to produce a more rounded buttock shape. The transfer of smaller volumes of fat to add volume to the ageing face is also an area of intense research currently but is hampered by a high level of unpredictability.

“Some of the stranger procedures gaining popularity in some countries include surgery to remove the lower two ribs on each side to produce the so-called ‘wasp waist’.

I spent £30k on surgery to get a 50cm bum at 25

“This surgery appeals to a small number of ‘body modification enthusiasts’ who request surgery to make them look different.

“Other procedures in this category include ‘tongue splits’ to produce a fork tongue effect and ‘elf ear surgery’ to produce pointed ears.”

These are uncommon procedures and are only offered in specialist centres.

Although there are plenty of recognised plastic surgeons in the UK, many Brits opt to go abroad for procedures on the cheap.

Sometimes this leads to horror stories where patients have suffered horribly after their treatments were botched.

Cameron reckons it’s a growing problem and has some words of wisdom for those contemplating surgery.

What is a labiaplasty?

According to the NHS:

A labiaplasty is surgery to reduce the size of the labia minora – the flaps of skin either side of the vaginal opening.

It should not be done on girls younger than 18 because the labia continues to develop beyond puberty into early adulthood.

Some women want a labiaplasty because they do not like the look of their labia. But it’s completely normal to have noticeable skin folds around the opening of your vagina.

In most cases, it does not cause any problems, which is why labiaplasty is rarely available on the NHS.

In the UK, a labiaplasty costs about £2,000 to £4,000, plus the cost of any consultations or follow-up care that may not be included in the price.

The whole procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours.

He says: “‘Cosmetic tourism’ is increasing, driven mostly by social media.

“All surgeons, regardless of ability or experience, will have patients who develop problems, and these patients need quick access to their surgeon so the problem can be sorted.

“This is more difficult if your surgeon is based overseas. I have encountered several patients over the years where corrective surgery has been required in the UK following cosmetic surgery performed overseas.

“I am also aware of patients being sent letters threatening legal action if they post any adverse comments on social media.

“It is a growing concern and my advice to all patients considering cosmetic surgery abroad is to always ask about the back-up plans if something goes wrong.”

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