I’m 39 and look so good people always think I’ve had Botox


WE all want to look young without having to put the work in – so when someone shares a beauty hack it often tends to go viral. 

One woman has amassed nearly 200k followers on TikTok after sharing her secret to looking younger without having to do anything invasive. 

Every night she sleeps with these patches to help prevent wrinkles


Every night she sleeps with these patches to help prevent wrinklesCredit: TikTok/frowniesfamily
She is 39 and people often think she gets Botox


She is 39 and people often think she gets BotoxCredit: TikTok/frowniesfamily

The woman, who goes by the name of Frownies Original on social media, has shared videos demonstrating her secret to looking so young. 

In one video, she says: “When you’re 39 and you don’t want to get Botox, this is what you do instead.” 

The woman created her own anti-ageing brand, and according to some they are “great.”

They are called Frownies Original Wrinkle Patches and can be purchased from Amazon and cost £23.95.

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Describing how to use them, she explained: “We recommend every day for at least the first 30 days! Our Gentle Lifts & Apple Serum could be great products.” 

In another video, she shared a customer using the Frownie.

They said: “This is brilliant. 

“Frownies help smooth and soften lines but you also want to become more aware of when you’re holding tension in your forehead and in between your brow! 

The patches can be bought from Amazon


The patches can be bought from AmazonCredit: TikTok/frowniesfamily

“I always tell people to stick a Frownie on during the day occasionally to help you be more aware.” 

And many people were stunned to find out how this product helps with wrinkles

One asked: “Do these prevent wrinkles? I’m 25 and don’t have any but I don’t want to get any in the future!!!”

The woman, who owns Frownies, replied: “Yes! And prevention is much easier to deal with than working to smooth existing lines!”

However, in another comment she explained that the patches won’t work on other areas.

She wrote: “The patches won’t work on neck lines because they’re not in the muscle like the expression lines in our faces. Try our Chin-Ups or Clay Mask to help!”

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