I Skipped My Botox Appointment Thanks to Dermaflash’s Coveted Dermaplaning Tool


Scouted/The Daily Beast/Dermaflash.

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Dermaflash.

I’ve always found my peach fuzz (especially above my lip) especially annoying, especially at that moment when I catch I glimpse of myself in the car’s unforgiving side mirror and even in the allegedly ultra-flattering golden hour lighting. In the past, I’ve resorted to those cheap, plastic dermaplaning tools on Amazon—heck, I’ve even just shaved my face with a razor (this method actually works pretty in a pinch, BTW), but nothing has yielded the same skin-smoothing and line-erasing results as my Dermaflash Luxe tool. Not only does it offer instant gratification but it also offers long-term anti-aging benefits as well.

After meeting with the founder and learning how to use the Dermaflash Luxe tool properly, I immediately headed to the bathroom to give my device a test drive, and wow, color me equal parts shocked and impressed. I had no idea that there was glowing, black-head free skin hiding beneath dead skin cells, tons of pesky peach fuzz, and other pore-clogging impurities that were lifted from my face in just three minutes. I even canceled my regular Botox appointment (I go in for a pick-me-up twice a year) that day after my fiancé confirmed that he too noticed that my skin looked downright amazing after I used it.

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Like many anti-aging exfoliants including prescription-grade Tretinoin, AHA and BHA toners, and even milder vitamin C-based serums, the Dermaflash device gives you noticeable results instantly. This makes it especially beneficial for use before photos or a big event—in fact, many celebrity makeup artists use this on their clients pre-red carpet as it smooths the skin without irritating it. And, in case you’re worried that the old wives tale that shaving or removing your hair will only grow back thicker and darker, rest assured that this notion is a myth according to the brand’s founder (and former esthetician) Dara Levy and dermatologist Dr. Aritza Ortiz.

Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Exfoliating Tool

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I’m not the only one obsessed with this game-changing beauty tool either—thousands of reviewers have touted it for its wide array of skin benefits, calling it everything from “Blackhead Destroyer” to “best beauty purchase yet.”

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I can also confirm that my facial hair texture or color hasn’t changed since using my Dermflash Luxe on a weekly basis (it isn’t recommended to use the tool more than once a week, though you may be tempted when you see your face post-Dermflash session.) What I also love about this game-changing beauty tool is that it also helps all of my pricey skin-care products penetrate better into my skin, which means they’re able to work their magic to the fullest extent possible without all of the hair and dead skin in their way.

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BUY: Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Exfoliation Tool. Shop Here >

Oh, and the Dermaflash Luxe also helps give the face a more contoured look because it eliminates shadows caused by the outermost layer of dead skin and hair. My cheekbones look so much more sculpted—even after I indulge in a salt-laden sushi feast! This underrated beauty tool delivers so many skin-enhancing benefits—it’s the one thing in my beauty closet that I never knew I needed but will never be without again. Seriously.


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