I hated my bumpy nose and always felt self-conscious so got fillers to fix it, the results left me speechless


A BEAUTY fan has told how getting filler to fix a bump in her nose has given her a massive confidence boost.

Laura, from West Lothian, hated her “prominent” facial feature and always avoided mirrors and having her picture taken.

Laura hated her 'bumpy' nose and would avoid looking in the mirror


Laura hated her ‘bumpy’ nose and would avoid looking in the mirrorCredit: Supplied
Laura booked in to have it fixed with filler


Laura booked in to have it fixed with fillerCredit: Supplied
She is more confident and happier than ever after the procedure


She is more confident and happier than ever after the procedureCredit: Supplied

The 27-year-old even considered going under the knife for cosmetic surgery to change how her nose looked.

But after researching the op, she instead decided on a “natural and subtle” procedure that had immediate results with almost no bruising.

And it was only a fraction of the cost at £300.

Laura told the Scottish Sun Online: “Despite friends and family always telling me ‘there’s nothing wrong with your nose’, it’s been one of my biggest insecurities in my life.

“I’ve always seen a nose is a prominent facial feature and if you aren’t happy with it, it can really affect your confidence.

“Over the years my confidence began to get worse to the stage where I’d avoid getting my picture taken or would hate looking at myself in the mirror.

“I had considered rhinoplasty but was too nervous about the long-term results and to be honest, surgical nose jobs can be quite expensive and the surgery aspect has always put me off having the operation.

“When I learnt about non-surgical nose jobs, I began watching various Instagram and TikTok videos and couldn’t believe how quick and effective it was.

“This then took me into my research of surrounding aesthetic practitioners.”

Laura booked in for her procedure at JM House of Aesthetics in Glasgow and revealed the results have made her “so much happier as a person”.

She added: “Upon visiting the salon, Jenna made me feel comfortable and listened to my concerns with my nose.

“She then advised me of what she felt would benefit me most in achieving a more balanced profile.

“I was conscious of not wanting my appearance to chance too drastically and was anxious in this way but she kindly settled my concerns.

“The procedure itself was pain-free, despite me being scared of needles, and the results were excellent.

“There was minimal swelling involved and I was able to continue with my normal day-to-day activities without anyone having to make comments about bruising.

“Today my nose feels so much more natural as the filler has reduced the size of the ‘bump’ that I’ve always had.

“Now, I’ve completely forgotten I have even had the procedure done as it’s so natural and subtle.

“I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering with insecurities of their nose to go down the same route with this treatment as it’s made me so much happier as a person.”

Practitioner Jenna McLean prides herself in giving clients incredible yet subtle transformations.

Speaking about Laura’s treatment, she said: “Non-surgical rhinoplasty can give dramatic results with no downtime.

“Results are immediate, lasting around 12 months. The full procedure takes less than an hour, is fully reversible and is only a fraction of the cost compared to surgery.

“I’m a strong advocate for mental health and really go the extra mile for my clients who have self esteem issues which can be helped with a little tweak.”

Jenna has now been shortlisted for Best for Aesthetics (Glasgow) at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards, which take place next April.

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