I hated my big nose but getting plastic surgery was a huge mistake


DECIDING to go under the knife is a huge decision, and you want to be sure you’ll be happy with the result before you take the plastic surgery plunge.

One woman, Nathalie, had wanted a nose job for ages and specifically told her surgeon she was after a subtle tweak.

Before her surgery Nathalie's nose drooped slightly


Before her surgery Nathalie’s nose drooped slightlyCredit: tiktok @girlynathalie
But she doesn't like her new nose, and finds the change too dramatic


But she doesn’t like her new nose, and finds the change too dramaticCredit: tiktok @girlynathalie

However, when the bandages came off Nathalie found the change far more dramatic than she’d hoped for, and now says that she misses her ‘big nose’ and regrets the whole thing.

Nathalie’s natural nose was slightly droopy and curved, so she asked for a subtle change, but nothing too obvious.

“I didn’t want a lifted nose because it was already high enough,” she shared on TikTok, adding that she told her doctor and surgeon this to make sure she got what she wanted.

However once the bandages been removed and the swelling had gone down it was clear that her nose was much smaller than she wanted.

Nathalie’s new nose is so much more lifted and less subtle than she’d intended.

Although she did mention that she didn’t like her droopy septum, the TikTok user was shocked when she found out he surgeon removed all of it, leaving her with a lifted ‘piggy nose’ tip.

Left feeling insecure, Nathalie says that the surgery was the biggest mistake of her life and that she misses her naturally bigger nose.

Nathalie was initially excited to transform her look, even counting down the days in a video she shared online.

Since she has completely recovered from the surgery, Nathalie has been coming to herms with her new nose and says “I’m just trying to love it.”

Viewers of her TikToks were quick to comfort her too.

One said: “I think it’s because you’re used to your old face, give it some time and you will start getting used to your new nose.”

A second commented: “I totally see why you’re disappointed in comparing it to your before. It’s valid to feel like it’s not what you expected.”

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Others tried to reassure her, saying: “You’re still swollen, and the tip stays high for the first six months to a year. Trust me, It’ll get better.”

Another added: “I know it’s not what you wanted but you look beautiful!

Post surgery Nathalie's nose was still swollen


Post surgery Nathalie’s nose was still swollenCredit: tiktok @girlynathalie
Nathalie says her new nose is like a 'piggy nose'


Nathalie says her new nose is like a ‘piggy nose’Credit: tiktok @girlynathalie

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