‘I had so much filler it deformed my face and I couldn’t recognise myself’


Influencer Kayla Jenkins, 27, from Dorset, has taken to TikTok to explain to her followers why she had 10ml of filler in her face dissolved after seven years of having injections

Kayla paid for her fillers with collaborations from businesses on social media

A TikTok star is having her fillers removed after becoming “blind” to how they looked.

Kayla Jenkins, 27, from Dorset, has had her injections dissolved after becoming “obsessed” with them from the age of 20.

She first decided to have cosmetic enhancements after feeling she had “small lips” and became hooked on having injections to make them look bigger.

From fillers, she moved on to Botox and regularly visited the salon to have her injections topped up.

But after several influencers including Molly-Mae Hague have revealed they’re dissolving their fillers, Kayla has decided to follow in their footsteps.

Kayla revealed before and after photos on TikTok


Jam Press Vid/@okaylaaa)

She visited an aesthetic practitioner to have most of the filler removed


Jam Press Vid/@okaylaaa)

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She posted a video on TikTok to share her story, including photos of how she used to look before fillers, how she looked after having the injections, and the results after having them removed.

She said: “I started with just lip filler and Botox and then I ended up regularly getting filler in my chin, cheek and jaw.”

“I’ve since had a non-surgical nose job and have also had my smile lines tended to, which were both done with filler.

“I used to get 1 ml in my lips, each cheek and jaw, with 0.5ml in my nose, smile lines and chin.”

The cost of Kayla’s facial enhancements could be as much as £1000 each time, depending on where you go.

After becoming an influencer, she used paid partnerships and business collaborations to cover the cost of the fillers.

However, after seven years of having fillers injected into her face, Kayla looked in the mirror one day and realised she didn’t recognise herself.

She said: “I realised my face was deformed after I went to my now aesthetic practitioner, Sarah, at SLA medical clinic.

“She advised me that the filler used didn’t dissolve after six months like most but instead migrated around your face and could last up to six years.

“I’d always thought my face looked a bit weird, but as I was ‘filler blind’ from having so much for so long, I couldn’t tell what it was.”

Kayla says she no longer recognised herself


Jam Press/@okaylaaa)

Since having the fillers removed, Kayla is happier in her appearance


Jam Press/@okaylaaa)

After an initial consultation with Sarah, Kayla had the filler in her face dissolved over the course of two sessions.

“She lightly added filler back in to compliment my face, instead of distort it,” Kayla explained.

“I had everything dissolved – I was holding a lot of migrated filler in my lips, jaw and cheeks.

“Due to how heavy my lips were, they were also pulling my face down and therefore caused worse smile lines.

“Ironic, as I was having filler to try and remove them.”

Kayla has put up with her fair share of trolling over her enhanced appearance, with people commenting on her YouTube videos telling her she “didn’t look good.”

She dismissed the naysayers as “haters” at first, but soon realised she thought they had a point.

In the TikTok video, she shows two photos of herself with the caption: “When I deformed my face with 10ml of filler.”

Viewers of the video have praised her for being honest about her cosmetic work and reckon Kayla looks all the better for having the fillers dissolved.

“Omg that was you, you look so much better now,” one person said.

Another viewer said: “You’ve aged backwards!”

Although Kayla has had most of her filler removed, she still visits her aesthetic practitioner for a light top up from time to time.

She said: “I get very occasional filler and botox, but because Sarah is so skilled, she knows exactly where to put it.

“I keep my natural face, but enhanced.”

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