How to Pick the Right Injectable or Filler for Your Specific Concern

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If you want to restore lost volume, have a thicker
filler injected.

Choosing the right filler for volume-related issues really depends on where the problem is on the face and how much volume
is needed. “In
an older face that has lost a lot of volume, a filler like Juvéderm Ultra Plus,
Restylane Lyft or Radiesse is best. Often, I do a combination of different fillers, like Radiesse on the lower face, which usually needs more volume, and
something like Juvéderm Ultra Plus on the upper face,” says Dr. Levine. 

Another option is Sculptra Aesthetic, which can be used
in the hollows of the face to plump them up. “Sculptra is one of my most versatile injectables,” says Birmingham, MI, facial plastic surgeon Charles M. Boyd, MD. “It is a biostimulator rather than a traditional ‘filler,’ which means it has the ability to grow collagen and thicken the epidermis. This allows me to achieve a very natural-looking and long-lasting result for my both my male and female patients.” Note: You may need more than one session for optimal results, and it can take weeks or months for the product to stimulate collagen in the areas injected.

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