How to look younger: Facial yoga practitioner offers tips on facial massage & top products


“Now the blood does have a pump, the heart, and it pumps the blood, all the good ingredients and the good nutrients the blood has to transport to all of the body’s cells, but it is a little bit impeded.

“So by massaging the face, you’re really going to boost circulation to the skin cells and get the skin cells what they really need.”

Not only this, contour massage can give women an inexpensive “Kardashian” contour, defining the jawline and chiselling the cheekbones.

Victoria’s next tip for waking up and looking younger instantly is to prioritise hydration.

“So how do we rehydrate? One way is drinking lots of water and you can maximise that by putting freshly squeezed lemon into it, as it becomes more alkaline and is easier to absorb.

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