HOW To Get Rid Of Acne – Best Facial Treatment


Wearing a mask during this Covid-19 pandemic has some effects on your skin too. Drier, more irritated, sensitive to acne flare-ups, we are all affected by “maskne.” DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!!

In today’s video, you’ll find the BEST facial treatment advice to save your skin from maskne. It’s essential to take care of your skin in this period. Get the best treatments dermatologists can offer. Check out the steps described one by one just below.👇

STEP 01: 00:09 Cleanse the face
STEP 02: 00:23 Exfoliate with scrub
STEP 03: 00:43 Enzyme serum
STEP 04: 00:53 Extractions
STEP 05: 01:16 High Frequency
STEP 06: 01:30 Apply mask
STEP 07: 02:04 Cold High Frequency
STEP 08: 02:24 Hydrating oil and massage
STEP 09: 02:43 Moisturizing cream

Don’t you feel relaxed after seeing this satisfying video? Now, it’s time to do your facial mask.

Beautician: @Estheticskinexpert
Model: @enilabs