How technological advancements transform healthcare therapies


Thousands of scientific studies and reports on high-tech applications in active preventive medicine are published each year. Doctors typically rely on a database of physical conditions, genetic resources and lifestyle attributes to analyze and offer health and youthful aging solutions.

In 2002, Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy (AIET) was adopted by the Biotherapy Institute of Japan (BIJ) to support thousands of patients. AIET has also been applied to healthy individuals to improve immune systems, prevent cancer and viral diseases like influenza, hepatitis B, C, etc.

For stem cell technology, a new medical achievement in the past century, scientists have made tremendous progress in research and application in support of disease treatment. For instance, mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue are applied for the purpose of rejuvenation, repair and replacement of aging and damaged cells, treatment of hormonal depletion and physiological problems.

Reports from the International Society for Sexual Medicine also affirm the use of this therapy in supportive treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Ozone has been applied in major hospitals worldwide, including Japan, Germany, and France. According to the database of the National Library of Medicine (PubMed), as of May 2020, more than 3,300 articles and 37 studies have examined the ozone application in detoxifying blood, increasing bodily resistance, treatment of the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and nervous systems, head and neck, skeletal muscles, subcutaneous tissue and peripheral vascular disease.

Wellness Center at Vinmec Times City.

Wellness Center at Vinmec Times City. Photo by Vinmec.

In Vietnam, Wellness Center (Vinmec Times City International Hospital) is progressively researching healthcare therapies, such as ozone, autoimmunity, and biological horoscopes to put in practice.

Vinmec aims at researching and introducing world-wide advanced therapies into Vietnamese healthcare, including microbiology for prognosis of disease risks and individual biological characteristics; ozone therapy for cleansing blood vessels, pain relief, autoimmune therapy to strengthens health and support cancer prevention; mesenchymal stem cell storage from adipose tissue healing.

On the basis of the health examination database, which exploits information on the history and lifestyle of individuals, doctors will flexibly apply appropriate methods to each case.

“These solutions aim to help clients become healthy both physically and mentally by improving immunity, quality of sleep and sex life, brain function; cancer prevention, rejuvenation and anti-aging; genetic cancer screening and genetic screening for cardiovascular disease risk, metabolic disorders (diabetes, blood fat…),” Doctor Nguyen Van Quyet, head of Medical Examination Department, Vinmec Times City International Hospital, said.

Vinmec adopts various technical healthcare therapies to help clients be healthy both physically and mentally. (CREDIT?)

Vinmec adopts various technical healthcare therapies to help clients be healthy both physically and mentally. Photo by: Vinmec.

Approved by the Ministry of Health to apply autoimmune therapy to support cancer treatment since 2018, Vinmec is ready to research and apply this therapy for the goal of preventing and improving health for all people.

In its program “Biological Horoscope,” the hospital employed the largest DNA database on Asians to assess general health, the risk of cancer, chronic disease, and drug allergies, etc.

Vinmec Tissue Bank is also conducting research on storing and isolating mesenchymal stem cell cultures from adipose tissue, a “discarded” product after cosmetic liposuction, for use in treatments, including beauty therapy.

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