Home Facial Treatments Holly Hagan accidentally ‘waxes half her eyelids off’ after attempting DIY beauty treatment

Holly Hagan accidentally ‘waxes half her eyelids off’ after attempting DIY beauty treatment

Holly Hagan accidentally ‘waxes half her eyelids off’ after attempting DIY beauty treatment


Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan shocked fans this week when she claimed she accidentally “waxed half my eyelids off” in an attempt to groom her brows.

Showing off her inflamed skin on her Instagram stories, Holly says: “I’ve literally waxed the skin off my eyebrows.”

Eyelids, eyebrows – we’re not sure exactly what happened but it all sounds painful to us.

Instagram / @hollygshore
Holly reveals her incredibly red and sore eye area

“I do this every single time,” she adds, “I just think my eyelids are too sensitive to be waxed.”

The Geordie star admits she “doesn’t like” alternative brow treatments like threading or plucking, and claims that eyebrow razors cause her hair to “grow back within two days.”

In the short clip shared with her 3.8 million followers, Holly’s eye area looks incredibly red and sore – but all pain aside, her eyebrows do look impressively flawless.

Instagram / @hollygshore
The star’s eye area became inflamed after using a home-waxing treatment

While a lot of beauty fans are opting for a natural, fluffy brow these days, Holly favours a much sleeker, more arched style – requiring her to groom them more often.

She’s not the only celeb to try at-home alternatives to salon treatments. Over lockdown, we’ve seen everything from Lauren Pope testing out a brow lamination kit, to Charlotte Crosby trying semi-permanent lashes.

When talking about her make-up routine on Instagram, the only product Holly has claimed to use on her brows is Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel, £23 here.

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Holly loves this clear brow gel

However a few years ago, Holly revealed she had opted for a professional microblading treatment, sharing a photo of the results to her social media page.

“Thank you so much @nataliepaleschi@paleschi for microblading my brows so pleased with them,” Holly wrote.

But what is microblading? The popular treatment creates the appearance of brow hairs by using a small tool made up of tiny needles to insert pigment into the skin.

The results last anywhere from one to three years, depending on the individual’s skin type.

Holly’s brows don’t appear to be filled in with any product, so if we had to hazard a guess, we’d assume she is still a fan of the brow treatment.

Instagram / @hollygshore
Holly shared a throwback snap of her just before her Geordie Shore fame

The star’s eyebrow journey has come a long way since her Geordie Shore days, where, like many of us, Holly had over-plucked her brows into oblivion.

So it’s no wonder the star is staying away from the tweezers these days, and maybe now, waxing strips too?


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