Here’s What You Need to Know About Dr. Obeng, Renowned Plastic Surgeon Who Un-Glued Tessica Brown’s Hair


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*Clears throat*

Dear Reader,

It seems the social media ton is abuzz over Lady Tessica Brown’s successful surgical procedure at the hand of Duke Dr. Obeng.

As you may recall in our previous correspondence, the Ghanian-born plastic surgeon has garnered a reputation for reportedly being not only the first Black plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills but a darned good one at that.

Per Black Enterprise, good doctor Obeng comes from humble beginnings, having come to the states from Ghana with only $200 to his name. But like most people bound for greatness, money would prove to be no match for his relentless ambition and desire to help those in need. The Duke Dr. Obeng received his surgical training from Midwestern State University, University of Texas Medical School, and Harvard University, and specializes in cosmetic surgery of the aging face, neck, breast, body, trunk, extremities and genitalia. (Though this author should like to think herself above subjecting one’s body parts to such popular procedures, with all the excess pounds that have seemed to creep upon me during the time of quarantine brought on by the Virus of Corona—I do wish to one day explore those options once it is safe to return to society.)

The board-certified doctor was named among “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America in 2011 and 2014. Currently, he works at his own practice, Miko Plastic Surgery, and serves on staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital. He is also the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Elizabeth Health Center.

But as we both know, the ton wouldn’t be the ton if unforeseen and unexpected tea didn’t spill across the timelines in light of all of this positive news.

It has come to this author’s attention that the Duke Dr. Obeng endured some marital troubles in the past, with a large part of it playing out on national television. Tweets posted online show video of him and ex-wife Duchess Veronika appearing on Second Wives Club just a mere three years ago. Social sleuths also found evidence of the ex-Duchess on Lady Iyanla, Fix My Life discussing how her ex-husband’s infidelity affected her and her marriage. Now, what this trivial information has to do with the Duke Doctor’s handiwork on Lady Tessica Brown’s Gorilla Glued hairdo is beyond me. But as your trusted source for this particular saga, it is my duty to make you aware of the various details—no matter how menial they may seem.

At any rate, all the welps in Welpington shall continue to bask in the Black medical excellence that took place and I wish you to do the same.

Until next time, yours truly,

Lady Welpington

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