Here’s The Difference Between A Skin Tag And A Mole


According to the National Cancer Institute, a common mole is usually found above the waist area. They’re usually smaller than 5 millimeters or about one-fourth the width of a pencil eraser. They’re also round, with a smooth surface, and are often dome-shaped. The source also states that they can appear in pink, tan, or brown colors. According to the NHS, moles are nothing to worry about. However, they may become cancerous; therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of any changes in appearance or feel. They advise visiting a doctor if your mole changes color or shape or starts getting itchy.

According to Medical News Today, your doctor may prescribe one of two treatment options for mole removal: shave excision and excisional surgery. The former is a technique used for smaller moles. It involves using a small blade to cut around and under the mole. Often, this technique doesn’t require sutures. On the other hand, excisional surgery or excision biopsy involves sutures after cutting the affected skin with a punch device or scalpel.

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