Home Injectables Gwyneth Paltrow Sits Down To Discuss Aging, Anti-Wrinkle Injections + Brushing Off Online Vitriol

Gwyneth Paltrow Sits Down To Discuss Aging, Anti-Wrinkle Injections + Brushing Off Online Vitriol

Gwyneth Paltrow Sits Down To Discuss Aging, Anti-Wrinkle Injections + Brushing Off Online Vitriol



When Gwyneth Paltrow was approached by global pharma brand Merz Aesthetics for a possible partnership to serve as the face of its product Xeomin, she didn’t need a formal introduction on the anti-wrinkle injection line — she was already a customer.

Merz Aesthetics

“If a brand approaches me and I’m already a fan of the product then it’s always a good start,” Paltrow said of the ambassadorship last week during a Xeomin press day. “In this case, when I did research about what it is and how it works and I found out that it’s a superior product, I felt really good about the motivation behind the campaign from Merz. They’re really leaning into this idea that women should feel empowered to make whatever choice they want without judgment, and I really loved that.”

The sentiment also fell in line with what Paltrow and her goop team have been building since she launched goop in 2008 as a weekly newsletter. Since then, it’s become a global lifestyle brand, multi-faceted media company and an e-commerce powerhouse. And, more often than not, a news generator for some of its unusual and/or surprising recommendations that span categories from wellness to sexual health. Facing criticism has become part and parcel of being on the cutting edge, Paltrow has said, and she manages to brush it off just as gracefully as throwing on a goop-recommended cashmere sweater.

“The more vitriol and opinions [that come], the more you just have to realize that they’re an unresolved person who is getting a second of relief by being mean about somebody else. We, as women, just have to keep cultivating other women, our daughters and the women that are coming up behind us with this idea that we’re all enough. We’re all okay and there’s enough for all of us. We don’t need to compete because the more that women really lift themselves up, the better the world is.”

Speaking of lifting up oneself, Paltrow said that she will continue to evaluate her approach to beauty and aesthetic treatments like FDA-approved Xeomin without making any hard and fast rules. “I hope to continue to age from the inside out. What I mean by that is I hope to keep all of the wisdom and experience that compounds — that is what makes you a more interesting person as you age. I would love for that to continue to happen. At the same time, reevaluate is a good word. I would love to be one of those amazing French women that never does anything and doesn’t color their hair while letting nature do its thing but I’m probably a little too vain to back off that much. I’ll always try to find a balance of looking like myself and being healthy with a little help here and there.”

She’s gotten some help recently from functional medicine practitioner and author Dr. Will Cole. Paltrow revealed last month in a goop blog post that his book Intuitive Fasting and a supercharge to her diet and exercise routine has led her to feeling energized, healthier and “believe it or not — wanting more.” This after suffering from long-tail fatigue and brain fog as a result of coming down with COVID-19 early on in the pandemic.

“I feel good,” she said. “I also think that nine months in quarantine with like having pasta and cake and alcohol seven days a week probably didn’t help. I’ve been on a really great clean eating routine and then teetotalling for a couple of months now, and that always really helps with anything that’s going on in the body.”


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