Gwen Stefani’s Latest TikTok Video Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors


Gwen Stefani is gently being pressed by fans to weigh in on their questions surrounding the fact that she hasn’t aged one bit.

Gwen Stefani is loving life and is taking some time to explore new things. Blissfully engaged to Blake Shelton, and very much in love, her happiness has really sparked her creativity and she has been hard at work releasing new music, and letting fans in to see some behind the scenes moments along the way.

Her loyal fans know that she has also been experimenting with TikTok lately, and has even teamed up with some huge TikTok stars to get schooled on how the app works. Now fans can get their fix of Gwen Stefani’s talents on a variety of different social media platforms. The more she posts, the more her ageless, timeless beauty becomes the center of attention.

This time, fans are gently probing the topic of plastic surgery on her Instagram page. Never one to really attract a lot of negative attention, Gwen Stefani is gently being pressed by fans to weigh in on their questions surrounding the fact that she hasn’t aged one bit, as they have many plastic surgery questions on their minds.

The Conversation Begins

Most of Gwen Stefani’s posts are video messages with close-ups of her face, which always appears to not just be flawless, but ageless too. Fans truly appreciate her beauty and are very quick to comment on how great she looks. However, many of them want to know how this is possible. The answer that immediately rises to the surface is an easy one… plastic surgery.

The conversation about whether Gwen Stefani has gone in for a little cosmetic surgery seems to be the biggest point of contention in the comments of her latest post.

Fans are careful not to troll their favorite star, and unlike the social media pages of other celebrities who get dragged and insulted, her fans have kept the conversation polite. However, eager fans really do want to know what if anything, Gwen has done to maintain her ever-faithful appearance.

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Plastic Surgery Rumblings

Fans really need to know if Gwen has gone under the knife. It’s a big deal to them, simply because this level of beauty just seems so incredibly unattainable. If she has gone in for a little nip and tuck, it doesn’t seem they are judging or criticizing, they just really want answers so they can understand how she manages to look so great.

The TikTok video she shared on Instagram got a whole lot of attention. Fan comments included; “Gwen you are beautiful but not sure about the lip fillers. Ladies like the duck bill effect I guess,” as well as; “I’ll never judge anyone’s spa or plastic surgery decisions, but ladies please don’t think this is all natural. She’s a beautiful woman nonetheless.”

Another person wrote; “I wish she didn’t do plastic surgery on her lip,” while another said; “honey she’s had a face lift, it’s obvious.”

Gwen has not responded to any of the plastic surgery allegations on her social media page.

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