Home Injectables Girl left with square face after Kybella treatment filmed her family’s reactions

Girl left with square face after Kybella treatment filmed her family’s reactions

Girl left with square face after Kybella treatment filmed her family’s reactions


Kybella treatment swelling

Sofia’s dad was shooketh (Picture: CATERS)

Thank goodness for cameras, for capturing priceless reactions like those of Sofia Marroquin’s family and friends when they first saw her square head.

The rectangular chin situation was caused by a beauty treatment Sofia, from Gold Coast, Australia, had called Kybella.

Kybella is a treatment whereby a therapist injects Deoxycholic acid into the ‘double chin’ area, and it’s supposed to dissolve the fat and create a sleeker silhouette. For the first week or two, however, it can cause swelling – as we can see in Sofia’s case.

But her loved ones weren’t aware that this was just a temporary image change when they saw her for the first time.

Sofia’s dad audibly gasped when he saw her, while her sister took to running around the house in a panic at her new Spongebob lookalike sibling.

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The sweet owner of Sofia’s local coffee shop kept a totally straight face, trying to avoid having to say anything at all.

19-year-old Sofia’s video has now been viewed over 3.7 million times, and she’s made a number of updates to clarify what was going on.

In the original video she simple captioned it, ‘i got my face done’, and many people seemed to think Sofia’s new face shape was created on purpose.

Kybella swelling

Thankfully the swelling will eventually go down (Picture: Caters)

In reality, she’d gone for the Kybella, which she paid $500 (roughly £270) for.

Although the swelling wasn’t permanent (it typically goes away after 48 hours, but lasted closer to a week for Sofia), it still gave the family a shock and a laugh.

Sofia said: ‘As soon as I saw my face for the first time after the treatment, I scared myself. 

Kybella swellng

The sweet cafe owner tried not to look – or laugh (Picture: Caters)

‘I thought, this isn’t me. 

‘Then I couldn’t take myself seriously for days. None of my family members could take me seriously either and just laughed whenever I spoke. 

‘My face is still a tiny bit swollen now, but it’s much better and I look normal.’

Here in the UK, Kybella treatments can range in price from around £200 to over £600. Most people will need multiple injections, done monthly for up for six months, to see a reduction in fat around the jowl area.

Sofia made a follow-up TikTok where she explained that she got the procedure done because she was ‘genuinely insecure’ about her face shape and was ‘always hiding [her] face with [her] hair’.

Unfortunately, she received backlash from people who claimed she has body dysmorphia or had undertaken the procedure to look ‘fake’.

It’s yet another reminder that we live in a world that tells us what’s wrong with our bodies constantly, then berates us for cosmetic enhancements.

Thankfully, though, Sofia is all healed up now, and her video made the world laugh out loud.

Sofia chose not to reveal the salon where she got the treatment, but we have reached out to Kybella and will update if they reply.

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