LETS TALK SKIN GODS! Since my teenage years spots have always took to the stage like beyonce across my face! Now it was time to take action so I went to KimMoran at the Diamond Touch Beauty Clinic for an oxygen facial.

Something I’ve never heard of before ( with wild bemusement as to why I would be paying for oxygen that’s all around us to be put on my face) I took the plunge and went for it! So decided to take you all along with me so you can see EXACTLY what went on.. (along with asking what she thinks of Liz Earle/ high street brands skincare)…

Here’s some information about the treatment…She plucks everything that she loves from the beauty industry and puts it all together like a magical mastermind for a recipe for skin luxury.
She cleansed my skin with a cleans and peel , she used AHA to break down all of those dead skin cells to leave her with a great canvas to start the treatment. Following this she painted on a skin activator and used a poly rotational head with blue light therapy to strengthen the muscles and tone the skin …incorporating the blue light to kill any bacteria in the impurities in the skin. After this kim used a needle we extracted a sterile anti acne treatment from the vial before using oxygen to pressure inject it into the skin. This product stays within your skin for up to 28 day ( a skin cycle ).
Kim then used high pressure with oxygen using oxygen fluid to hydrate the skin. Then applied a cream mask she used the oxygen light therapy unit and use Red light to penetrate all layers of the skin .. resulting in a perfectly fresh looking face!!!

I honestly am sooo happy with my treatment like a kid at Christmas I was overwhelmed with how much my skin was spoilt with time and a crazy amount of attention to small details! I’m now knowing exactly what i’m doing wrong with my skin, what my skin type is and what I need to do! I can’t wait to see Kim again! I’ve left her contact details below if any of you fancy a nosey or want her to solve your skin shenanagins!

07402 988337

Diamond Touch Beauty Clinic,
9 Vine St,
PE11 1AN


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