Friend wonders if they should offer to pay for Botox for single friend with wrinkles | Advice


DEAR ABBY: I have a single friend in her 40s. She has very noticeable vertical lines between her eyes when in animated conversation that detract greatly from her sweet face. She’s on a limited income. I’d like to suggest Botox for her, and I’m willing to pay for it with a gift card or cash. Would it be OK to suggest it to her and how would you approach it?


DEAR HELPER: While I’m sure you mean well, if you bring this to your friend’s attention, you may make her self-conscious. Although Botox treatments can make a positive difference in someone’s appearance, they are only temporary. To maintain that “fresh” look, they must be repeated, and unless you plan to pay for her Botox in perpetuity, you shouldn’t give her something she can’t afford.

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