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Facial Steps | Facial Treatment at Cocoon Salon

Facial Steps | Facial Treatment at Cocoon Salon

Facial Steps video shot in detail for anyone to learn Full facial step by step. In this Facial treatment video tutorial, we chose Fruit facial from Nature’s Essense company.

Best facial cleans, exfoliates (removes dead skin on the surface) and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger.

A facial treatment always helps the facial skin to maintain a better complexion and keeps the skin healthy and in a glow.
Following are the Facial steps done in this Full Facial Video.

1. If you are a beautician, working in a Beauty salon or Facial salon, first, before getting the client into a facial room, make sure, the room is clean, prepared. Also, get the required facial products into small cups and then invite the client. Then clean the face from dirt, makeup and other impurities. Use cold water to wet the facial towel to clean. If the client has makeup on the face, use makeup cleaner.

2. The first step in Facial is to clean the face with Facial Cleanser. (Always follow the instructions by the product). Apply the cleansing cream and apply with gentle facial massage.

3. Next Facial step is to Apply the scrub: Scrub helps to exfoliate the dead skin. While applying the scrub, prepare the facial steam machine ready with required temperature usually 110 F. Then apply the steam from one to one and a half feet distance from the face. Skin pores will be opened by this.

Apply the steam for about 2-5 min depending on the skin type. Use cautiously. Then clear the face from the scrub. After this remove the black head and whiteheads by using blackheads remover.

Now clean the face with toner which will close the open pores.

4. Next Facial step is applying massage cream and doing facial massage. Facial massage helps to send signals to the brain to send more blood flow to the facial skin which gives more Oxygen and Collagen production which helps the facial skin to get a natural glow.

Do gentle facial massage with proper pressure points. This will give nice relaxation and makes stress-free.

5. The final step in Facial is applying a face pack. Applying face pack will help facial skin hydrated properly and restore natural oils and remove excess oils from the face.

Leave the facial pack for about 5-10 min or as suggested by the product. clean the face after.

Let the client wash the face with cold water if desired without any soap.

In this video Fruit facial product from Nature’s essence has been used. There are different types of facial for different skin types. Not just fruit facial suits to everyone. There are oily skin, dry skin and normal types. For each skin type, even facial procedure changes like applying steam or not or how many minutes steam should apply etc.

This facial tutorial should help you understand the basic steps and procedure. Then you need to learn the skin types and facial that suits the skin to do facial.

We will try to do all kinds of facial videos by using different products and skin types in future.

The other terms used for this video are Facial karne ka tarika, facial kaise karte, facial ela chestaru, facial uclu etc.

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