Experts: Hair Transplant By Unskilled People Dangerous | Patna News


Patna: Hair transplant, mainly of cosmetic value, is a safe surgical procedure in a health facility with least chances of complications, experts said. “However, like all other surgical interventions it required teamwork and thorough medical investigation of the person going for the transplant. Unskilled and unqualified hands undertaking the job could only lead to multiple health problems,” they added.
One fatal result of hair transplant was reported in Patna. According to an IANS report, a constable of Bihar Military Police died of a cardiac arrest just a day after he underwent hair transplant. The family members of the deceased alleged he underwent hair transplant at a private clinic on Boring Canal Road on Wednesday and died due to the reaction of medicines the next day. The doctors and nursing staff of the private clinic have fled after the incident.
Asked to comment on risks in hair transplant, principal of Patna Medical College and hospital (PMCH) Dr VP Choudhary, a plastic surgeon, said, “Hair transplant does not involve any risk, provided it is done by a team including plastic surgeon, dermatologist and anaesthetics in proper operation theatres.” Dr Pankaj Tiwari of PMCH’s skin department said it usually takes about eight hours in a full-head hair transplant.
“It first needs a pre-surgical workup and proper dose of the anesthetic agents as it could take long hours for completion of the process. Usually, hair for transplant is taken either from the back of the head chest or other parts. People having cardiac or lung problems may develop some complications. Robotic hair implant is the latest technique being followed in some other states. Surgical interventions by unskilled and unqualified persons may put life of the patient at high risk,” Dr Tiwari added.
Dr S K Jha, head of plastic surgery at Nalanda Medical College and Hospital, said hair transplant comes under reconstruction surgery and if done within the scheme prescribed for it, there is least chance of serious complication or death due to this procedure.
Underdose or overdose of anesthetic agents or improper post-surgical care, however, could lead to some problems.
“It is unfortunate that some unskilled people with no medical qualification have started performing hair transplant as part of the cosmetic treatment,” Dr Jha added.
Dr Tripti Pathak, cosmetologist at a private skin hospital, said platelets-rich plasma therapy is a conservative method of hair regeneration through easier procedure.
“There are several causes of hair fall. It may be due to hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and aftereffect of serious health issues like typhoid, dengue and Covid,” she added.

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