Eva Longoria, 45, Shares No-Makeup Instagram On #FreshFacedFriday


  • Eva Longoria, 45, just shared a no-makeup Instagram selfie from set.
  • She was celebrating “director life” on a #FreshFaceFriday, and she’s glowing.
  • The actress prioritizes SPF in her skincare routine, and gets facials when needed.

    Eva Longoria is back on the set, and if her skin is any indication, she’s #thriving. She celebrated a day of “director life” with a no-makeup (or at least, minimal makeup) Instagram selfie with the caption, “#FreshFaceFridays is a thing, right? Director life 🎬🖤.”

    In 2018, it was announced that the Grand Hotel actress, 45, would make her directorial debut with the workplace comedy 24-7, which stars Kerry Washington, per The Hollywood Reporter. She’s also set to direct a biopic called Flamin’ Hot, which will document the origins of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. (Yes, really.) Though it’s not clear which project the Desperate Housewives alum is currently working on, her skin looks, well, flamin’ hot.

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    Eva’s biggest skincare secret is SPF—sunblock is “the one thing she never leaves the house without,” according to New Beauty. “My mother was so strict on wearing sunblock,” the Flipped actress told Allure. “She always said, ‘the skin you take care of in your 20s is the skin you have in your 40s.'” Not to mention, Eva puts in the work when it comes to keeping her skin smooth.

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    “Facials to me aren’t about a ‘spa day’ where we’re just going to relax,” she told FQ, a New Zealand magazine. :Facials for me are like work. They’re painful… And it’s a chemical peel and a light treatment and ughh… every time I come out of one, I’m thinking ‘that wasn’t at all relaxing!'”

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    In terms of makeup, Eva isn’t really a fan. “People think the trick to looking younger is makeup, but it’s skincare,” she told Allure when the magazine asked her about anti-aging techniques. “If you don’t have good skin, piling on makeup just makes you look older and much worse. When it comes to makeup, I don’t overset or over powder it. The more powder you put on the fine lines in your face, the more you see it. Most people say ‘oh let me cover it’ but it looks much thicker and worse.”

    So if makeup isn’t great for your skin, what is? “Happiness,” she told Mirror. Looks like she’s pretty happy running the show!

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