Ethos Spa Offers Dermal Fillers Using the Cannula Technique – Press Release


Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, which is based in Summit, NJ, is pleased to announce that they are offering dermal fillers and are using the cannula technique. Dermal fillers are injected into micro-channels on a person’s skin to fill in lines and wrinkles, or to plump the lips. These could be hyaluronic acid based or calcium hydxrolapatite based. To inject the dermal fillers, they use a blunt-tipped hollow tube instead of a sharp-tipped needle. The cannula technique offers a number of benefits that have not been previously available through the use of sharp-tipped needles.

They want to emphasize that dermal fillers may not be for everyone. The best candidates for dermal fillers are those who are between the ages of 25 to 55 and have visible depressions; asymmetries; small and deep wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and nose; and deep nasal and labial folds. Dermal fillers may also be appropriate for those who need lip plumping. However, those who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or bruise easily, aren’t good candidates for dermal fillers.

Ethos Spa Lip Filler

Before stating that a particular person can use dermal fillers, they will first conduct an examination where they will analyze and assess the person’s skin condition and his or her desired results. They will want to know the client’s complete history of any allergies, previous illnesses and/or surgeries, and any medications being taken. There are a number of medications and supplements that should not be taken at least one week before the scheduled injection of the dermal fillers. These are vitamin E, Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen, and Excedrin. More about their services can be gleaned from their GMB posts.

Before using a needle or cannula to administer the dermal fillers, the doctor at Ethos Spa will first evaluate the client’s facial structure and total loss of volume. The cannula technique works very well for cases where there is lost volume. They will place the fillers as required throughout the face, using a few punctures with an introducer needle. The cannula method requires the use of a tiny introducer needle to create an entry point for the cannula. Next, the cannula is inserted and then maneuvered along the natural planes of the skin tissue, thus creating a large area for placing the dermal filler with just one entry point.

The advantage of the cannula method is that the injector is able to precisely place the dermal filler in several areas of the face with just one entry point. This in contrast to the multiple entry points needed when using a sharp-tipped needle. A more natural and flawless look is accomplished using the cannula technique because the dermal filler can be distributed in an uninterrupted way along the tissue plane. For the client, the cannula technique is also less painful because there are fewer entry points.

Other services that can be provided at Ethos Spa include laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, Botox, Brazilian butt lift, tattoo removal, lip injections, and other services. The renowned Botox treatment utilizes Botulinum toxin that permits the facial muscles and muscles in other areas of the body to relax. The results of the Botox treatment are the elimination of wrinkles, crow’s feet, unwanted fine lines, and more, providing a smooth and soft skin. It may also be used for acne management, for preventing excessive sweating, for softening of chin and jawline, for neck smoothening, for lip lifts, for twitching eye treatment, for nose job similarities, to treat migraines, and more.

They also offer laser hair removal services to eliminate unwanted hair. Thus, both men and women would be able to avoid the disadvantages and inconveniences of razors, tweezers, and hot wax, while preventing irritated skin, ingrown hairs, rough stubble, and frequent nicks and cuts.

People who would like to know more about the dermal fillers and other services provided at Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center may want to check out their website or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Thursdays; and from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays. Or they may want to follow their Facebook page.


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